100 Day Party Ideas

100 rushed mornings.

100 “Get your shoes on NOW, Gavin!”

100 times of trying to beat the train.

I don’t know about you, but to me it feels like a real accomplishment.

Are you in charge of planning a party to celebrate your kids getting 100 days smarter?  I am.

Want some ideas?  I thought so.

And, as always, please visit the sites themselves if you’d like to pin the ideas.

Whew!  That’s a lot of ideas . . . I had wanted to do 100.  
But, 100 is a really big number you know.


  1. says

    How cute! Our hundred day is on Valentines Day. We’re having a combo party day and they’re making a 100 Day Newsletter. But now that I have some suggestions I’m gonna have to try them out 🙂

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