15 Minute Mini Calzones

I got the flu over the weekend.  I am both shocked and horrified at how quickly this flu derailed my weekend and my day to day functioning. {Dramatic much, Lisa?}

Remember the 100 Day Party I was planning for Gavin’s class?  Yeah . . . I had to leave in the middle of that.  (Your five year old crying because you no longer get to be at school with them is maybe the definition of Mom Guilt).

Remember when I posted on my Facebook Page that Nathan and I were going out for a movie for the first time in like three years and what should we go see?  Yeah.  Had to cancel that too.

And I could not feel more behind in the blogging world.

Dear Bloggers Who Have Children and Jobs Outside the Home,

You amaze me.  In a good way.

Anyway.  What’s the perfect dinner or lunch for a mom on the edge?

15 Minute Mini Calzones!  I swear.  They really only take 15 minutes, they are delicious, and they are easy to change up amongst a whole family of particular eaters.

Start by popping open a can of Pillsbury Grand biscuits.  Smoosh them down with your hands to flatten them out.  And top them with a little bit of sauce.

Then go nuts with your ingredients.  We are kind of boring pepperoni and cheese people.

Fold them in half, pinch them together and then bake them for 12 minutes.

And dinner is done.  Which is pretty much perfect.  Because I’m a busy lady.  Who had the stomach flu.  And now is even busier.

Need another easy meal?  How about this?

{Pesto Focaccia Sandwich}

15 Minute Mini Calzones

  • Pillsbury Grand Biscuits
  • pizza sauce
  • cheese
  • pizza toppings of your choosing
  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Pop open your biscuits, spread out the biscuits so they are thinner.
  3. Add sauce, cheese, and toppings.
  4. Fold over, and pinch closed and bake on a greased baking sheet for 12 minutes or until golden

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  1. rachelle says

    thanks for the reminder of what you can do with a can of biscuits and sauce! so sorry you were sick this weekend, that sucks. hope you’re feeling better.

  2. says

    Yum! Looks delicious and the fact that it can be made in less than 15 minutes is a bonus…more time for blogging :). Glad to hear you are feeling better and sorry to hear that being sick made you skip out on the 100 party early and miss seeing a movie 🙁

  3. says

    Being sick sucks. Plain and simple. I have enough trouble keeping on track when I’m well! I say ‘hats off’ to you, Ms. Lisa W & G! You have 2 small ones to keep up with! A job is a total break! It used to be my escape. No I just go to the grocery store to get away. Anyway, these are awesome! I am all for quick and easy meals.

    • says

      Oh, bless your heart for saying that, Rachel. Seriously. I have had a couple moms tell me they tried being stay at home moms and decided they were better off working. I wanted to hug them. Neither life is easy, and they both have their pros and cons. 🙂

  4. says

    You can also use leftovers. 😀 Leftover chicken pot pie filling (a favorite here), sloppy joe meat, taco meat, shredded chicken, etc. 😀