Gender Reveal Scratch Offs

Gender Reveal Scratch Offs from Wine & Glue #gender #reveal #scratch #off

My good friend Erin finds out the gender of her baby tomorrow.


I’m so excited I could pee.

And because I’m really pushy excited about her finding out, I demanded offered to make her some gender reveal scratch offs for her to send out to all her loved ones to let them know.

Gender Reveal Scratch Offs from Wine & Glue #gender #reveal #scratch #off

These are really easy to make.  Just a little designing, and then some painting.  If you have a Silhouette or a Cricut, they are even easier.  Just mix 2 parts metallic acrylic paint and 1 one part dish soap.  Then tape some contact paper down to the cutting mat, and carefully apply the mixture one layer at a time, waiting about 15 minutes between each layer, and waiting overnight before you cut.

I have a Silhouette, and I use an old blade so I don’t gunk up my new one.  I cut with it on 2, my speed on 2, and the thickness at 10.  It worked perfect!

Gender Reveal Scratch Offs from Wine & Glue #gender #reveal #scratch #off

And because I kind of want to get one in the mail too love Erin so super much, I made her both sets.  So this way she can send them off minutes after finding out.

Are you as excited as I am???

If you love these, but are a pregnant woman without the patience to paint small metallic circles, I hear ya.  Head on over to my Etsy shop, and I’ll send you some.

Looking for another fun way to reveal gender?  How about these.


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      Thanks Heidi!! I do too :) It makes me want to think of all sorts of things to reveal by scratch off. Like . . . “Congratulations!! You get a time out.” :)

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