Minion Costume {With Easy Minion Hat}

Minion Costume with an Easy Minion Hat

Minion Costume with an Easy Minion Hat via

We are totally guilty of letting our two year old watch Despicable Me 2.  And judge us if you will, but I’m just saying that if you heard her crack up every time the Minion walked into the room and yelled  “BEEDO!  BEEDO!  BEEDO!  BEEDO!” you would let her watch it too.

Minion Costume with an Easy Minion Hat via

So it was kind of a no brainer that Quinny would be a minion for Halloween . . . or a BEEDO as she calls them.

This post isn’t going to give you a lot of detailed instructions, but I can tell you the generalities of what I did.


For the minion hat, you will need . . .

  • Yellow fleece
  • Black felt (one small sheet will do)
  • Silver felt (one small sheet will do)
  • White felt (one small sheet will do)
  • Brown felt (one small sheet will do)
  • Black embroidery thread

Minion Costume with an Easy Minion Hat via

I basically did one piece of felt cut to the circumference and height of her head, adding on an inch to fold the bottom over and make a finished edge, and another inch on both the length and the width to account for seam allowance.  That left me with a piece of yellow felt that was 21 by 8 1/2 inches.

From there, I divided the fleece into four equal peaks, and cut down rounded edges three inches.  Here is the ugly picture of how it looked at that point.


Like my monkey toes?

Now you are going to cut out all your felt pieces and lay them out on the hat to make sure they are proportional right.  You could make yours a two eyed minion, I was just feeling lazy.

You need to cut:

  • Two black strips (this way the black won’t show through the white eyeball).
  • A sliver circle with the center cut out
  • A white circle that is bigger than the inner part of the silver circle but smaller than the outer part
  • A brown circle with a small circular chunk cut out

Take a look at my pieces so it makes more sense:

Minion Costume with an Easy Minion Hat via

Before you sew your hat, you want to sew on your black strips and your white eyeball, but not the silver hoop.  That way you don’t have to worry about your seams  for the hat sewing over the appliquéd eyeball.

Before you sew up your hat, you may want to add some black embroidery thread to the top of the hat (pin it so that it stick down into the hat when flipped inside out).  You could also skip this part, minions can be bald, right?

Once you are finished sewing up your had, add the sliver loop and the brown pupil.

You could always glue it all on with fabric glue, I just thought this might look a little nicer.

Then you just need a yellow long-sleeved shirt (which we didn’t have so we dyed one) and some blue bibs.

Minion Costume with an Easy Minion Hat via



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