30 Delicious Summer Cocktails

30 Delicious Summer Cocktails | Summer cocktails that are perfect for a BBQ or sipping on the deck!
30 Delicious Summer Cocktails | www.wineandglue.com | Summer cocktails that are perfect for a BBQ or sipping on the deck!

Dear Mother Nature,

You are clearly confused.  I don’t know if maybe you are going through a bad breakup, or are just feeling really over worked and stressed with all your professional responsibilities, but clearly something is going on.

I hear ya, everyone goes through rough spots, but honey, you’ve let yourself go.  You’ve completely missed the boat on spring.  If you haven’t noticed, it’s April, and there are still big piles of snow laying around.

So let’s make a deal.  I will let your unpunctual ways go this year, if you BRING ON AN EARLY SUMER.



Yours through thick and thin (unless you pull this crap again last year),

Summer cannot get here soon enough, and one of my favorite things to do in summer is have BBQ’s on the deck with awesome friends, delicious foods, and tasty cocktails.  Here is my summer drinking bucket list.

{For the love of delicious vodka and simple syrup made from strawberries, if you would like to pin one of these recipes go to the original blog and original source!}
Looking for more delicious cocktail recipes?  Follow my Summer Cocktail & Five O’Clock boards on Pinterest.


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    I’m obsessing over flavored mojitos right now, and declaring them a staple this summer! We are down to teeny tiny snow piles, leaving an attractive 5 months of trash littering the crusty brown landscapes. Bring on SUMMER!

  2. says

    My goodness, this is the best.bucketlist.ever. EVER! Totally pinned already. And since it’s {nearly} always summertime here in Southern AZ, I’ll have plenty of time to check these off my list!


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