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  1. Carol says

    Trying to find cookie butter, target, Walmart doesn’ t have it. Said never heard of it. Can you tell me where else I can try, or make. Tks

  2. says

    Hi just found your website . I’m intrested in where you found those cute mason jars for your strawberry shortcake? The little 8 oz ones that you baked the angle food cake in! Really like there look! Thank you Elizabeth Dickerson

    • says

      They are sort of like chocolate chips, only caramel. They are a great way to make a caramel sauce, because you don’t have to unwrap anything! You should be able to find them in the grocery store next to the wrapped caramels.

  3. Renee gipson says

    I’m going to make the Easter egg cookie dough truffles and was wondering, do they need to be refrigerated after they’re dipped? And do they need to be stored in the frig?

  4. Kim says

    I’m so sorry to hear abouts the loss of your little one. I have an Elliot who is on his way to 25 and he now lives a cross the world, going to school in South Africa. He loves pumpkin and I know would love these cookies! But alas, it will be hard to share these with him! You have beautiful perspective. Thank you for sharing your story and your recipe. When I make them, I will think of you and your Elliot, along with my own.

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