Black Apple Dolls

This past weekend we went to celebrate my sweet little niece’s second birthday.

Thinking about Carina (who is exactly six months older than Quinn) turning two makes me want to crawl in a hole, plug my ears, and rock back in forth in denial that they they are all getting so big so quickly.

So that was the downside.

Are you ready for the super shallow upside?

My amazing fantastic sweet loveable funny wonderful sister-in-law bought cupcakes.  Not just cupcakes.  She bought the cupcakes.  Cupcakes from a local bakery that that are so delicious, I think I have actually had dreams about them.  Cupcakes that make me want to dance and sing.  Cupcakes that are so delicious, that when we were leaving their house, they insisted that I take the last one (because my brother and my sister in law are awesome like that), and as we were pulling out of their driveway and I was barely buckled (and I’m pretty sure the kids weren’t buckled), I started stuffing my face with it.  Only to look up and see my sister in law in the window with the kids waving to us, cracking up.


As evidenced here, here, and here, I love making things for my nieces and nephews.  And this year for Carina’s birthday I really wanted to sew her something.  (Have you noticed that my blog has been seriously sewing deprived lately??)  So I broke out my new machine and this awesomely simple doll pattern from the creative genius, Emily Martin.  The pattern is available for free here.

I was first introduced to Black Apple Dolls by one of my favorite bloggers, Jill, over at Homemade By Jill.  {You seriously have to go look at her blog if you have never been.  Just look at what she did with this pattern, all the sweet little embellishments.}

I didn’t use canvas for the skin as suggested, just quilting cotton.  And I drew on the face with fabric markers.  I had planned on stitching it on but I may or may not have started this project a few hours before needing to leave for the party.

I struggled a little with how thin the limbs were, and had to recut them like two times each because I hadn’t sew a big enough seam allowance.  {Yup.  Wannabe seamstress.}  I also used brown thread for the whole project because I was too lazy in a time crunch.  Though part of me kind of likes the look of the brown thread.

Not that it matters what I think.  All that matters is what the birthday girl thinks.  And it seems she approves.


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    Lisa this doll is a beauty! Can’t wait to download the pattern and {try} to make it. My grand daughters would love it. And don’t worry too much about Quinn growing up too fast. Soon she’ll be 15 and you’ll wish she would move out already. {ok, not ALWAYS, but definitely sometimes!}


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