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Blogging Tips for Beginners | Tips, Tricks, Ideas, and Resources | All the things I wish I would have known when I started out.

Blogging Tips | | Tips, Tricks, Ideas, and Resources

Sometimes I wish that my first year (maybe even year and a half . . . ) of blogging didn’t count.  Like when people ask me when I started blogging, I would like to say January 2013.  It was really November 2011, but I honestly had no idea what I was doing for so long!

So with the help of some other bloggers, I thought I would share with you the things I wish I had known when I started.  Each of these points could be their own posts, so this is is along one.  Feel free to leave comments asking questions, I will do my best to answer or find an answer

1.  Photos Matter!  People are incredibly visual.  Why do you think Pinterest is so popular??  I think sometimes that people enjoy just looking at dessert as much as they like eating it.  Because of that, taking a good picture, with good staging, good lighting, and a good graphic overlay (done easily with, is important.  You can throw a single cookie on a huge plate, take a picture with your phone and call it a day, but if you set four of those cookies on a napkin and photograph them in some natural light, they will probably seem much more appealing.  A DSLR is expensive, but in the long run will provide you with the best photos.  You might want to consider putting money away for it early on.  Want a great resource for taking photos?  Check out Pinch of Yum’s great tips and tutorials!food_photography

2.  Social Media Matters!  I think I waited almost a full year before starting the Wine & Glue FB page. Umm what??  I missed out on tapping into a huge audience and making it really easy for people to follow me.  Same thing with Pinterest.  I focused on my personal account and didn’t necessarily want it attached to my blog because I didn’t want people to see what I was pinning . . . What???  Yes, I’m sure I would be judged for that pin about getting out pit stains {eye roll}.  If blogging is going to be a business for you, make it a business RIGHT AWAY.  And even if you don’t think it will be, set up accounts on all the social media outlets with your blog name RIGHT AWAY.  They can always be deleted, but they take a long time to grow, so you might as well get a jump on it and let people follow you the way that is easiest for them.

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3. Monetize Your Blog ASAP.  I remember I was about eight months into blogging before I even considered putting Google Adsense on my blog.  At the time I started thinking about it I had a couple posts about Elliot going up, and I was terrified that people would think I was trying to capitalize on the greatest loss of my life . . . yeah.  It’s okay to want to make money blogging.  Blogging costs money (ingredients, craft supplies, time, etc.).  I know plenty of bloggers who are kicking themselves for not setting up ads earlier because one day they got a SURGE of traffic and if things had been set up sooner they would have made a lot of money.  Need tips on how to start making money?  My friend Julie just wrote a post about it.  Check it out.  {An added note from another blogger:  It’s very normal to earn only pennies a day in the beginning, if that.  Don’t get discouraged!}

4.  Work Pinterest.  Yeah, I know this is kind of the same as #2, but it deserves it’s own point.  In 2013 a little more than HALF of my traffic came from Pinterest.  It’s such an easy way to get a post seen by a lot of people.  Posts can go crazy on Pinterest and drive a ton of traffic to your blog.  My S’mores Fudge post was repined 12,000 times within three days of being posted.  That’s insane.  The key to Pinterest as a blogger is networking (joining group boards and pinning good content to develop a following) and GREAT VERTICAL photos.  I wish I would have started taking vertical photos from the get go.  For more Pinterest tips for bloggers check out this post.  And if you’d like to follow me on Pinterest, I’d love to have you!


5.  Network with other Bloggers!  This blogging thing is not a competition, even though it totally feels like it sometimes.  Everyone has something different to offer, there are plenty of readers to go around, and by helping each other we can all grow.  {Want to hold hands and sing Kumbaya now?}  I’m totally serious.  I wish that I would have started reaching out to and supporting other bloggers from the very beginning.  They understand this crazy life, and they are more than happy to help someone else out!  My friend Lisa recently referenced an article that suggested that for every post you do, you should comment on five other blogs.  Such an easy way to do it!  Comment. On. Blogs!  Be nice.  Don’t leave comments saying, “Come check me out,” because it feels disingenuous.  Just be nice.  And as my friend Cassie mentioned, don’t be afraid to ask other bloggers questions!

6.  Google Matters.  Ummmm . . . Google kind of runs the internet.  So no matter how you feel about that, you might want to jump on board.  Get a Google+ account and figure out how to use it.  {My friend Jenny has some great tips!}  You also want people to be able to find your posts when they do a search.  Before you name a post and give its own URL, you want to consider what people are searching for.  Check out Google Trends.  (I gave my posts some pretty ridiculous names in the beginning, but those are the URLs now and there’s no changing them.)  Even a small blogger can pull in Google traffic.  Look at how my Skylanders Guess Who outranked the version made by the company in this screen shot!


7.  Don’t Compare Yourself to Other Bloggers!  This is a great point that Kelly from Here Comes The Sun reminded me of.  It is soooo easy to compare yourself to other bloggers, especially {cough} bigger bloggers.  Here’s the thing, so many of the bloggers you are comparing yourself to have been doing it for longer and in blogging, time matters.  Or they don’t have three kids at home, and you do! Or they don’t also have a job, and you do!  Or they already have a DSLR, and that is totally not in your budget!  Or they have a graphic design background, and you don’t!  Or their husband is a computer engineer, and your’s isn’t!  You get my point, right?  There are so many pieces to the puzzle that it just isn’t worth comparing.  The only person you can compare yourself to is last month’s you.  Or last year’s you.  That’s it.

8.  Link Parties Are a Beginning Blogger’s Best Friend.  It took me sooooooo long to my find my first link party.  If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, a link party is something a blogger hosts (usually once a week) and other bloggers can add links to their own posts.  You can almost think of it as free ad space!  My friend, Cathy, grew her blog in leaps and bounds by religiously doing link parties.  Her great posts would get noticed by the bigger blogger hosting the party and they would pin it or feature it on their FaceBook pages and it would take off!  Want to link up with me?  Wake Up Wednesdays starts every Tuesday at 8pm CST.  Want more link parties?  My friend Julie has a great list!graphic_wuw_700

9.  There is a Tutorial for Everything:  If you aren’t sure how to do something, ask another blogger.  They very likely will be happy to help and probably know someone who has written a tutorial about it.  Or google it!  We like to help each other, so lots of times when we learn something new we write about it!

Okay, if you have made it through this whole post, you get four gold stars and a cupcake!  {Cupcake and stars are virtual.}  Here are some other tips that friends mentioned:

Brianne from Cupcakes and Kale Chips:  Figure out how to prevent being hacked before it happens, it can be a huge headache to fix.  (This is more of an issue if you are on WordPress.)

Christie from Food Done Light:   Bank up about 10 recipes before you start, because there is so much to learn in the beginning.

Kaylee from Couponing and Cooking:  Build your brand early.  That way all your social media can be the same.  In other words, all my social media accounts use Wine & Glue and have my logo with the same font/color.

Joan from Chocolate Chocolate & More:  Buy your domain name right away!  Don’t wait until you have a post that goes viral, by that time someone else will have bought and will literally hold it hostage (my words, not Joan’s).

Joan also suggested that you set small goals for yourself in the beginning.  Like six posts in a month and sharing something on FB (your content or a link to someone else’s) twice a day.

Stephanie from Binkies and Briefcases:  Copyright your name early and before you pick a name search the government databases and make sure that you aren’t using a name illegally that is already copyrighted (This actually happened to a friend of mine, she got a cease and desist letter from someone famous and had to totally rebrand her blog.)


    • Christie Varela says

      This article is amazing, but I have some questions. I’ve recently decided to venture into the blogging and I want to dot my i’s and cross my t’s.
      When you decided to do social media, What did you do with your personal accounts?
      Did you delete them and start all over?
      How do you search the government database to make sure your not taking someone else logo or domain?
      I heard that for beginners is easier then wordpress which do you recommend?
      Lastly thank you for this wonder blog post. I actually a little more confident about this new adventure.

      • says

        Hi Christie, For social media I kept my personal FB account and used it to create a page for my blog. With Pinterest I ended up scratching my personal account and starting a new one just for the blog. If I had to do it again, I would have just cleaned up my personal account (deleting pins and boards and renaming boards) and then changed my name to Lisa (Wine & Glue). For twitter I would make sure your handle is the name of your blog/brand.

        There is TONS on the topic of whether or not to use blogger or word press. I started on blogger and then eventually made the move to word press which worked well for me. You might want to read this article from a friend of mine:

  1. says

    Great post, Lisa! I technically started my blog in 2009 but it wasn’t until last year (after OBC, really) that I realized how much more I could/should be doing because, as much as it surprised me, people other than myself were reading it.

  2. says

    Lisa, I love this advice! As a newer blogger, it’s awesome to have all these tips in one space–especially regarding Pinterest and Google +! I used to be so confused by G+ but now it’s one of my favorite social media platforms, I think because it’s used primarily by bloggers who know how useful it can be. Facebook still baffles me, though! Wine & Glue is one of my favorite blogs and posts like this is what keeps me coming back (not to mention all your delicious recipes 🙂
    Amy | Club Narwhal recently posted…AWARD WINNING CHILI CON CARNE | PERFECT FOR SUPER BOWL SUNDAYMy Profile

    • says

      Oh, thank you so much Amy. You always have the kindest things to say. I can’t say that I love Google+, but I certainly see the value in it. And I think that FB baffles everyone. The only reason I keep at it, is because it is the social media outlet that non-bloggers seem to use the most. It’s a great way to connect with readers and engage. But yeah, it makes me want to throw my computer out the window too 🙂 Thank you so much for reading!

  3. says

    Thanks for this great article. As I am coming to the close of my first year of blogging … this information was truly helpful. I have invested in a camera and it has made a night and day difference in my pictures. I am not a professional photographer and so your advice about not comparing ourselves to others is what I needed to hear!
    I love your blog! It truly is inspiring!

    • says

      Carrie, thank you so much! You know, if you do want to compare yourself to other bloggers (and don’t!!) make sure you go back to their first year of blogging. Look at that content, look at those pictures. Photography takes a looooooooong time to get good at. I have been blogging for almost two and a half years, and I only just recently started using my DSLR in manual. It has truthfully made a huge difference in my pictures, but it has been a really steep learning curve. Thank you for your kind words!!

    • says

      Shannon, I just got that feed back from someone else too, “Great info, but super overwhelming.” It is overwhelming even for me when I step back and think about all the things I already do, and what more I should be doing. I think it is really really helpful to start by setting small monthly goals for yourself, like if you neglect your FB page, start by committing to posting there twice a day, one of your posts, and one talking to your readers to get your interaction up. Also, at the beginning of each month write down how many followers you have on all your social media channels and how many pageviews you are getting, and then you can really see yourself growing and your hard work paying off.

      • says

        Great idea on tracking social media numbers and page views! I’m just starting out and it will be a good measure of progress. Thanks!

  4. says

    Such a great list Lisa! It still amazes me how much there is to learn about blogging. I figure one thing out and there’s more to learn! I can totally relate to so much of this – it took me a year to put my first ad on my blog. At least 6 months to start a pintrest page. And I was terrified to comment on other blogs for so long – always read them, but never commented, haha. I saw in another comment about OBC too – best money I ever spent! I learned about things I didn’t even know I needed to know.
    Lindsay @ Life, Love and Sugar recently posted…Oreo Cookies and Cream Ice Cream CakeMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks Lindsay! Yeah, you start out one day saying that you are going to start a blog and then all the sudden this whole new world opens up with lots of challenges, but a ton of amazing opportunities too! It’s kind of incredible. And yeah, OBC is still the best $15 I’ve ever spent!!

  5. says

    This is a great blog post! As a relatively new blogger (I have had my blog for awhile but only got serious about it in October) I am all about learning as much as I can to increase my readership. If I can learn from others to speed my learning curve I am all about it. Great post for me this week too as I am feeling a little overwhelmed by the business side of blogging. As a creative person I just want to craft and DIY and do tutorials. But there is a whole other side of blogging that involves mostly linking, liking, posting, pinning and connecting. Phewww, it can be a bit much. But I am having fun learning along the way. PS. Pinned this so I can keep going back for your tips!

    • says

      It can be so overwhelming Adrienne. Especially the making money part. And the promotional piece is my least favorite part. I wish that I made enough to pay someone to do all the promotion for Wine & Glue. I’m glad you found this helpful! And thank you for pinning!

  6. says

    What great tips. It is so appreciated that you put this list together. As a new blogger, I am needing all the tips that I can get. A question for you about link parties. I would LOVE (I repeat LOVE) to get a Monday Morning about beauty up and going. (I have been unable to find one to link up with) But I am not getting people to link. Any Tips for that?? Would you mind me linking to your Wed party even though I am not a crafty/foodie/DIY type blog?
    Kat Ryan recently posted…Monday Morning MakeUp Madness Party #1My Profile

    • says

      Thanks Kat! You most definitely can link up to WUW! There are a couple things that I would say about starting a link party. Think about why you want to do it. If it is to get traffic to your blog . . . there are other ways to do that that aren’t as time consuming. I love hosting our link party, but it is helpful that I have other people to share the work load with, and it is more to connect with and find other bloggers than anything else. It really isn’t about the traffic. If you still want to host one, I suggest that you find other bloggers in your niche and ask them to do with with you, like three other ones. And then when people do link up, promote them like crazy!! It is a huge time investment to link up places, and so people need to feel like it’s worth it. Share their posts on FB, promote them on Google+, and pin their posts to big group boards.

  7. says

    Thank you SO much for this great resource! I’ve been blogging since 2007 and seriously still don’t know (exactly) what I’m doing. It’s gotten so crowded in the big, bad blogging world. Luckily friends help – 🙂 Thanks for sharing all your tips!!

    • says

      Seriously Jessica! Since anyone can blog, SO many people do!! I think it means that you really need to figure out why you are doing it and what your own personal goals are. Not everyone is going to be the Pioneer Woman, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get so much out of it. And yes, thank goodness for blogging friends!

    • says

      Sometimes I think those old posts are great! They show us all where we started and how far we’ve come! I love looking at old posts from the bloggers that I admire 🙂

    • says

      Hi Sandra! Thanks so much for reading! I think the decision to take your blog further is a really personal one. For me it was something that just sort of came naturally and gave me something just for me as a stay at home mom. As time has gone on, and our family has grown, it has become a source of income for our family that we really need. But it does take a lot of time. At this point it is like a full time job. So yeah, it has to be something that you really want.

    • says

      Hi Theresa! Link parties are great! You go to the blog that is hosting one at the time they are hosting (mine just went live, as it does every Tuesdays at 8pm CST) and you add the links to your most recent posts. Other bloggers who are joining the party visit your posts and you can gain new followers and get more exposure. What is really great is when you get featured on a link party. At the beginning of last year, Six Sisters Stuff featured one of my posts, and it was a HUGE source of traffic for me.

  8. says

    Wow, lots of great information. Very encouraging to know I’m not the on,y one who’s made tons of mistakes. Found you from Should be Mopping party and will gladly connect with yours on Tuesday!

  9. says

    Great post Lisa! I started in November 2011 too, but I didn’t take a seriously until I switched to WP in July of 2013. Well, really because I was laid off, lol. All of a sudden, my hobby wasn’t a hobby anymore, it was my livelihood! Yeah, if I had known these things when I started, I’d probably be a lot farther along, but then, I wouldn’t know you and all the other great bloggers I’ve met along the way! So, there’s a reason for it all, and it’s nice to look back on what we’ve all learned!

    • says

      LOL! It’s a virtual cupcake, Andi, you have to read the fine print. 🙂 I know, it’s super hard for me not to compare too! With big blogs, small blogs . . . pretty much any blog I stumble on. But it usually only results in frustration. I’ve started writing down my page views and social media following numbers at the start of each month, and it’s helped me to really only compare to myself.

  10. says

    Lisa, I’ve read a lot of posts like this, but none as motivating as this one. I’ve been blogging for almost two years and until now have never had a desire to monetize it, but you’re making me rethink it. I do have a question about buying your domain name. My name is registered via godaddy and hostgator is my host. Since it’s registered, does this mean I own it? If so, then wouldn’t that mean every blogger owns their blog name since they have to register before setting up a site? If not, then what/how would you recommend doing so?

    Thanks so much!
    Doreen@househoneys recently posted…Organizing Small SpacesMy Profile

    • says

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Doreen! I was more referring to the people who are like They would want to buy ASAP, because, you know, their blog is amazing and soon they will have a post that will go viral, and then someone else will buy their domain first and try to sell it to them for a gagillion dollars. Yes, you should be fine. 🙂 One more thought, it’s actually more like renting the domain name. So just make sure you keep resigning your lease so no one else moves into your sweet apartment.

  11. says

    love,love this post! I just started blogging and have discovered there is much to learn! THanks for these tips, I pinned this and found them on simply designing link party!

    • says

      Lisa, I think the hard thing about comparing yourself to others is you don’t know what you are really comparing. Like how long they have been blogging, what their days look like, what their experience is (professionally trained chef, photographer, etc.). So you are doing yourself a real disservice. And while there are some blogs that explode overnight, so many are slow and steady. If you are ever feeling real down on blogging, email me and I’ll send you a link to the top 10 posts from my past that I find horrifying to look at 🙂

  12. says

    This is BRILLIANT!! I’ve had it pinned for a few days but didn’t get chance to have a look. Plus, I’ve been blogging for 2 years so I felt like I wasn’t a new blogger so it wouldn’t apply to me…What an idiot I am!!! I need to do approximately 90% of this – 2 years and I still don’t have google Adsense? What is wrong with me?!!

    Anyway, I love these tips. They are my new checklist starting tomorrow morning 🙂 Thank you so much xxx
    Hannah recently posted…Hive – Apps Parents can LoveMy Profile

    • says

      Lol Hannah! I just commented to someone else that I will have to do another update in two years with all the things I learn between now and then! There is always so much to learn! I am so grateful for all my blogging buddies. I can’t be on top of everything all of the time, and they teach me so much! I’m so happy that you found this post helpful!!

  13. says

    Thanks for the very helpful information, especially the picmonkey link. I started using picmonkey on my blog and really like how easy it is to use, thank you!

  14. Amanda Hill says

    Thank you Lisa for this post. I have finally decided to jump on the blogging boat after many conversations with others and constant pushing from my significant other. I’m in the research phase on how to’s and want not’s. I appreciate your advice and the links provided to more advise. Maybe one day soon I can join a link party with you.

    Take care,
    Amanda Hill

  15. says

    Love reading these tips! I just recently started up my blog and something I’m noticing that I’m struggling with is organization and feeling as if I’m FORCING myself to write posts that I THINK will gain readers. What do you suggest for me? I also feel like I have a hard time finding a central theme because I want to talk about so much!! I don’t know what to do! Please help!

  16. says

    Great post Lisa! I’m pretty new to blogging right now, somewhat. I started a different blog about a year and a half ago but had to stop 6 months in for personal reasons. I’ve been going again for about 2-3 months and find your post very helpful! I’m so grateful for you sharing that post of a list of linky parties! Thanks again for all the great information you’ve shared here. It definitely will come in handy.

  17. says

    Lovely tips! Thank you!! I’m in the process of starting my blog up and felt the same about Adsense… And I definitely feel the same about wine but I say screw the glue and double fist it!!….

  18. says

    Thanks for this. The hardest part of starting a blog is just that, starting it. There is so much to learn and a lot of trial and error.

  19. says

    Thank you so much for all of your wonderful advice. I am fairly new to the whole blogging world and always looking for helpful advice. The information on the photography was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much for your insight, I imagine I will be referring back to this post many times in the near future.
    Robyn’s Perfectly Ordinary Life recently posted…Teen Graduation Gift BasketMy Profile

    • says

      Kelly, I’m so glad you found it helpful! I mean, I can’t say I never compare. Like at all, lol! But I just know that it’s not useful. And that’s something I need to remind myself of regularly.

  20. says

    Oh im sooo glad I came across this on Pinterest!… There is so many things listed here that im trying to implement, like the Google+ I haven’t a clue how to use it to my best advantage or even why I should use it haha… But ive got an account anyways and im guessing in time I will know. Ive also gone down the route of comparing myself to other blogs, but its silly because like you say there is so many other factors that there may have that you don’t, but then there will be things that you have that they don’t… But they is plenty of readers to go around for everyone. Once ive stopped doing that I feel sooo much better and enjoying my blog even more!. Im at the stage where im trying to conquer Pinterest, which I think im getting there, someone pinned one of my pins yesterday and I nearly got 4,000 pageviews just because of that one post that was re-pinned… 🙂
    Leanne recently posted…Create a Beautiful Butterfly Decoration from WallpaperMy Profile

    • says

      I’m so happy you found this helpful Mel! And hang in there. There really is such an AMAZING community among bloggers. I have some bloggers that I count as really close good friends, but it takes time to find them. If there are bloggers out there that you like and admire, comment on there work regularly. It helps you become part of their communities.

  21. says

    There really is so much to learn when it comes to blogging Lisa. At times it seems mind boggling. I think if it’s something you’re seriously passionate about you have to have a great deal of patience. As you’ve suggested in your post, it takes time to build a successful blog. Networking with other bloggers, and utilizing social media seem to be instrumental, but growth is incremental. When I started out I was writing what I felt was quality material, but no one was leaving any comments. Then I discovered that networking was the key. As I interacted with others on their blogs, they began returning the favour. I’ve still got a long way to go, but I’ve been encouraged by the reciprocity I’ve been experiencing lately. Thanks for the great post Lisa, you’ve given me a few more ideas to try.
    Allan Calder recently posted…How to Use Bloglovin to Increase Your Blog TrafficMy Profile

    • says

      Mandi, what’s even more wild, is that at the time I took that first photo I thought that it was amazing and I had come really far, lol! Glad you found this post helpful!

  22. says

    Thanks so much for this, Lisa! It was truly helpful 🙂
    I just have one question regarding Pinterest: did you link your blog back to your personal Pinterest or do you separate your personal Pinterest account and your Wine & Glue account?

    Thanks again!
    Michaela recently posted…Bloglovin’My Profile

  23. says

    I cannot tell you how happy I was to stumble upon this. Albeit a bit overwhelming as a new blogger, I am excited to tackle these tips one at a time to help build my blog. Thank you so much and you’ve got a new follower that’s for sure!

  24. says

    Hey Lisa! Great great post! I started my blog on January and Was totally looking for info like this. Fortunately, I foud it thru Pinterest! So it really makes sense how important pinterest is. I am already on my way of social media and this post has made it all clearer. Really thanks!

  25. says

    Thank you so much for the tips! I will start on them right away! I just started my blog like 2 weeks ago and I get so ecstatic whenever I see I have new viewers! Especially those from other countries! I would really like your output, check out my page if you can.
    Thank you once again! And happy Easter <3
    Also quick question,
    Do you think I should change my Instagram name to my blog's name? Right now I have it as kassandraer do you think it would attract more people if I changed it to VintageDahl, or should I create another Instagram for my blog? Anyones output is greatly appreciated. Thankyou<3

    • says

      Hey Kassandra! Yeah, in general I think it’s best for your blog’s name to be the username (or part of the username) for all your social media. It’s good for branding your blog and it makes it easier on your readers to recognize you.

  26. Danielle says

    Thank you so much for this post! I am a beginning teacher/blogger, and your post has just made my heart flutter with all of these tips!

    Love, love, love!


  27. says

    This post is right on time for me. I have been plugging along on my blog. While I see growth it’s not coming as fast as I want. It’s been driving me crazy. Thank you for your tips and for the encouragement not to compare. One of my closest friends is a much larger blogger and I often find myself playing the comparison game…
    Meagan recently posted…Stuffing an Easter Basket without Breaking the BankMy Profile

    • says

      That’s so hard Meagan. Especially when it’s a good friend, but just remember that everyone has something different to offer, and there are so so so many reasons why some blogs grow faster than others, and a lot of times it’s just luck or being in the “right place” at the right time. Who knows, you could post something tomorrow that goes crazy viral. Hang in there!

  28. says

    This was one of the most comprehensive posts that I have read in a while. I kept seeing this on Pinterest and I was like, she’s probably going to say the same stuff as most of the other posts and I kept passing it up. Finally when it appeared again I opened it up and Girl, I’m so happy I did! One word…. Awesomeness
    Stacey recently posted…Julie G Fierce & FabMy Profile

  29. says

    This information is extremly helpful.I put this page in my favorites bar so I can remind myself what needs to be done to help be succesful!

  30. says

    Hi Lisa! I found your page through Pinterest. I am JUST starting out on blogging. My content is mostly hair related (for now). I have super super naturally curly hair and I’ve just recently really learned how to deal with it so I want to share that with people. I have started my blog through Blogger. You mentioned GoogleAdense….. Right now it is telling me that I ‘don’t qualify’ for Adsense…. do you know anything about that ?

    I appreciate any advice you can offer,
    Thank you for your time,

    Sarah recently posted…My Hair Journey from the Start….My Profile

  31. says

    Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for this post – I found it on Pinterest – one of the few times I have actually used it since creating an account. I am still figuring out that and Google + so the tips you and your friends have provided are a fantastic help!
    I set my blog up last year with the intention of just practicing my writing, after a few posts life got away on me. I have come back this year and set myself a goal of one post a week and so far so good. I am enjoying it more with every post I write and find myself thinking all the time “this could be an interesting topic to blog about”, so I really am learning a lot about myself through blogging!
    I will have to set myself a goal of learning about one social media account at time to utilise with my blog or I will get overwhelmed.
    The link up parties also sound interesting – how do they work?
    Also what is OBC?

    Thanks again!
    Ellen recently posted…“Surround yourself with people who reflect the person you want to be”My Profile

  32. says

    Ehm ehmmm…

    do you guys got some space for a male commentator ? xD

    This post was great and indeed helpful for the beginners. I loved what you said about Pinterest , that’s why I am now there for about 3 days.

    I have repinned this post to my Board, thanks for sharing 🙂

  33. says

    Hi! Thank you so much for this awesome info!! I’m a new blogger…my site will hopefully be going live in the next week or so. I’m super excited but also feeling a bit overwhelmed. I will definitely be using your tips and checking out the resources your shared. Thanks so much!!!

  34. says

    Hi .. You nailed the points that I haven’t done since I blogging. I just let my blog published without any points you had mention above. Thanks for sharing the tips!

  35. says

    I am literally just starting out on my blog and have absolutely no idea what I am doing. This is such a great reference to exactly what I was looking for. I hope I get some follower soon! Thanks !
    Heather rowe recently posted…Anti Bucket ListMy Profile

  36. says

    I am a brand new blogger (not even 3 months!), and thank you for the info. It is really helpful! I will be paying a lot more attention to my social media accounts and photos from now on! 🙂

  37. says

    Wow, great tips! I’ve literally just started a food blig myself, and these tips are sooo useful! Thank you for posting this! I also love the way you write, very entertaining and intriguing. Keep up the good work 🙂
    Beautiful name you have, btw 😉
    Have a nice day!

  38. says

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for this post. As a new blogger and new mom (soon to be again) trying to learn the ropes of both can be quite difficult to remember the things I learn for blogging. I really appreciate your look back at what you wish you had known. Thanks again, can’t wait to read more of your posts!

  39. says

    Last night I finally bit the bullet and started writing some stuff that I had been toying with for a while! This post was so informative and easy to read that it makes me want to he serious about blogging! Thanks a ton

    • says

      Hi LeAnn! Buying your domain name is a great idea! There are a bunch of different services that allow you to do this, and it’s relatively inexpensive. I think I bought mine through Go Daddy.

  40. says

    Lisa, thank you so much for your time in this post. Learned a few things and will definately be putting them to work, sooner than later 🙂
    I just started my blog as well as a youtube channel and need all the help I can get. Its a lot of…what the heck am I doing when your going through the motions and just clicking around randomly lol. Well anyways, thanks for the tidbits!!

  41. says

    I really appreciated all of these tips. I have been blogging for a couple of years now and am still figuring a lot of this out! 🙂

  42. says

    I found your blog by a search on pinterest! I just started a blog not that long ago, just to have something to engage my mommy brain so I don’t lose it completely! Ha!
    I love all the ideas here, but honestly I have no idea of what my blog will become. Like I said, it’s just a way for me to be intellectual right now, and if someone wants to read it, then great!

    I would love to here ideas on how/what to do with this. Is this something to consider these options you mentioned with? I have never been a good blogger, but before it was a one topic blog. Now it’s completely organic and random. So we’ll see how it goes. 😉
    Pam recently posted…South boundMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Pam! I think the most important thing is to make sure that you are doing what you love. If you also want to try to make money with your blog, go for it!! And this post can help with that. Just make sure that that is not the primary reason you are doing it, or it will get old. Fast.

  43. says

    this is super helpful – thank you! i’ve been blogging for years, but only just started thinking about opening it up to the world and seeing what happens :). really appreciate you aggregating all these resources. now i gotta get to work on some of them!

  44. Mandee says

    This was great! I’m a newbie blogger and this post really encouraged and enlightened me. Thank you so much!

  45. says

    Hi there! I’m still in the first few months of starting my blog and I’m thinking about what I’m going to call it. I was wondering–how do I find the government databases that have these records? I’d love to find the link to make sure mine is original. Thank you!

    • says

      Hi Helena! I found this website: I have no idea if it is legit or not, but I typed in the name of the old blog my friend had (and had to take down) and sure enough, it brought up the person who sent her the notice. So I would try typing in different parts of your blog name and see what you find.

  46. says

    Thank you so much for this post! I just started my blog, mostly because I love to write, and I’ve had lots of questions that you answered here!

    I am in love with your header, by the way. I’m still trying to figure out a lot of the technical stuff, like adding the connect buttons for Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc. and your little banner is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

    Also, how exactly do you get involved with the link parties? I don’t really understand how all that works, but I am very interested!

    Thanks so much for posting this for all the newbies! You now have a new reader! 🙂

    Maegan recently posted…Post 9 / Maegan + David / Part 4My Profile

    • says

      Thanks Maegan! It took me awhile to figure out a design I really loved, and now I don’t think I’ll ever change it 🙂 The flags are actually a font called KG A Little Swag. I LOVE her fonts 🙂

      Okay, link parties. They are blog posts put up by other bloggers that you can add your links to. So you put in the links to your most recent posts. Usually the blogger than picks their favorites to feature before the next party and sometimes they do round ups with them. Under my about section, I have a whole list of which parties I do. They all start at different times, so it helps to pay attention so that you can get your links near the top.

  47. Ashleigh says

    This post is so helpful! I am considering becoming a blogger…something I never thought I would do. I’m sure I will be back to re-read this post many times!

    • says

      Yes, Dedra, I would definitely recommend setting up a page on FB specifically for your business. It can be linked to your personal account, so you have one login, but they should be distinct. As for Pinterest, that is your decision, but if you already have a personal account with followers, I would just transition that and the name of it into a business account.

  48. says

    Hi Lisa, I absolutely love this post. So many great tips! I just started blogging but still having trouble with a few things. I’m not a fan of facebook but I do have pinterest and google+. I look forward to continuing learning about the blogging world. Thanks!!.

  49. Alexis Clearwater says

    This is a great post Lisa! I also use an online tool called because I’m a very busy mom. I need to have a platform where I can manage all my rss feeds, and my social media comments in one place. So glad to have discovered this though. Was there any chance you have heard of this online tool?

  50. says

    Thank you so much for this post. I am in the process of moving from a very casual personal blog on Blogger to a more professional full-time self-hosted blog on WordPress, and it can be so overwhelming. These are some of the best tips I have read (and I have been reading A LOT of tips)! Thank you for all the resources that you linked to. I am following the blog and will follow on pinterest. 🙂

  51. says

    What a great post! Thanks for all the information! Being super new to blogging I certainly do feel a little lost still! All I knew was that I wanted to share what I was learning about life. :).

  52. says

    Thanks for this post on blogging. I like the idea of commenting 5 times for every post you write. How much time do you spend networking with other bloggers (link parties, commenting on others blogs, etc)? I never thought about getting a copyright… uh…any suggestions for how going about getting it done?

  53. says

    New blogger alert over here 🙂 all these tips are so helpful! The blogging world is inspirational yet so intimidating! These tips and tricks make it more digestible for us newbies. I’ll definitely be bookmarking this post and sharing it with friends.

    Happy Friday & thanks again!
    Allie recently posted…Top 5 Beautiful Places to VisitMy Profile

  54. says

    Thank you so much for sharing this post! You did such an amazing job of mapping out everything to less established bloggers like myself! I have been blogging for about 3 months now, and was happy to hear I was doing a lot of things right, but there was so much I had never even thought of! Saved to my favorites so I can return time and time again! LOVE all your delicious recipes as well!

    Thank you for sharing! You truly are an inspiration.

    Megan @ recently posted…Sugar Free Peanut Butter Play Dough Recipe + Halloween Activity IdeaMy Profile

  55. says

    Lisa, I loved this. I can’t tell you how much posts like these help people who are just starting out! I think I’ve referred back to this about 10 times already. Awesome tips!

  56. says

    Hi Lisa! I came across your blog in StumbleUpon today. I saw your Most Popular Posts of 2014 and just want to say how much I appreciate you putting this post together for us. This is absolutely the most informative, useful and practical information I have found so far. I am new to blogging and have been so overwhelmed — especially with the technical parts. I also read through each and every comment and your responses. I have been reluctant to self-promote my blog on any social networks because I have felt that my posts and pictures are not as good as others I have seen. Thank you so much for giving me the courage to throw caution to the wind and I will be setting up a Facebook page (and pinterest when I figure that out) ASAP. I think you are terrific for taking the time to help new bloggers. Also, this is the first time I have posted a comment to any blog, but I will be doing it more in the future!

      • Camille Newby says

        This may be a stupid question it seems like everyone is talking about food. There is so much I want to blog about but recipes and food is not one of them. I’m into addiction, stay at home moms, and now grand mom, lol. Working all your life and trying to still find something you love. I have read some great blogs but I don’t think I noticed pictures are pictures necessary for a blog or is it just the content you are writing about if pictures are needed?

        • Camille Newby says

          Also I have no idea how to use Pinterest. Of course I have not started yet have just read some great ones like I said, and remembered what I love I have for writing. I’m pretty good at making people laugh but everything they laugh at is always something true I have done or have experienced in my 47 years.

        • says

          Hi Camille! I really only have experience blogging related to food and crafts. Pictures are definitely NOT a requirement of blogging, but I will tell you that good pictures really do draw readers in. If you are doing more essay writing, you can always check out shutter stock for an image that will fit what you are writing about. A great image will help readers pin your content on Pinterest which will make more readers come visit your blog. You mentioned that you haven’t started using Pinterest yet. Just create a profile and check it out. It’s pretty user friendly and you will be able to get a sense of what people are looking for and what gets pinned. Don’t forget that it all depends on what you want to get out of your blog. A creative outlet? A fun hobby? A source of revenue? Any of those are great reasons to blog, but they are all very different. If this is just a creative outlet, don’t worry about the pictures or Pinterest! Just have fun with it!

  57. says

    THANK YOU THANK YOU for this post. I’m a newbie to the blog-o-sphere and every single tip you posted I benefited from. I also really appreciate you including links to tutorials and other resources. As a newbie, it’s rather difficult to sift through quality information and tips about blogging. I also want to add that your Pinterest looks like fun. I’m about to go creep through your boards. So I sincerely apologize for blowing up your notifications lol.
    Pinterest Addicted recently posted…10 Tips for Traveling Alone with an InfantMy Profile

  58. Mel L. says

    This has been the most helpful post on blogging I’ve seen so far and I have a few of your recommended links saved to look at later. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

  59. says

    Found you on Pinterest awhile ago and pinned this. So, months later I’m reading a well-crafted (non pun intended; well, maybe it was!), useful post. I’m not a new blogger (2 1/2 years), but I always learn something new whenever I read another blogger’s perspective. And, I’m always amazed at how generous bloggers are with their time and sharing! That’s one of the things about blogging I love! Thanks for sharing these tips and strategies. Each matters!

  60. says

    Thanks for this post! I am so new to blogging (like 2 days ago, new) and this has opened my eyes to just how much I don’t know! BUT it has also helped me pinpoint some things that I need to look into!!

  61. says

    Love this post! One of the things I have loved about Pinterest (as I’m just starting out with my current blog) is how it honestly is a level playing field. That being said, you’re so right that photos MATTER both on Pinterest and your blog. I have had to be honest with myself and ask, “Would I pin that image?” to my own pictures. Thanks again for this very informative post–pinning to my blogging board!
    Jennie @ Little Girl Designs recently posted…A Craft Blogger’s Experience With Elite Blogging AcademyMy Profile

  62. says

    Hey Lisa! Thanks for this awesome list!!! I’m in the works of starting a blog and eventually I do want to monetize it but I don’t know when… Should I wait a few months or when I have a certain amount of monthly page views?

    • says

      I would monetize as soon as possible. Lots of ad networks don’t allow you to put their ads on your blog until you have been blogging for like six months or so, but I would do it as soon as your able to. You may only earn pennies to begin with, but as I mentioned, you never know when some big site is going to pick up something you wrote/posted and suddenly send tons of traffic your way. If you don’t monetize before then, you will be missing out.

  63. says

    hi, its such a great post.Thanks for sharing the tricks which you learned overtime. I wanted o ask you how can I check the names in govt database and also how to get copyright

  64. says

    I found this information SO useful! Thank so much! I am new to blogging (1 week) but I did buy my domain name and started on Word Press from the start. I guess most people advise that, then using other sites like blogger. Well I have many questions if you ever have time for an email conversation. Thank you again for this useful information.

    -The Learning Mama
    Priscilla recently posted…I am only Human, a Breastfeeding Human!My Profile

    • says

      Hi Priscilla! I’m so glad you found this helpful! I can’t promise that your email won’t fall into the black hole that is the back of my email inbox, but if I have a minute I’d be happy to answer questions! I definitely believe in paying it forward 🙂

  65. says

    Thanks so much, this is one of the best blogging articles I’ve read so far! Just started a blog and I’m getting cold feet about putting myself “out there” but I’m going to do it anyway!! I’m challenging myself to learn a bit and work on it a bit every day. Thanks again!

  66. says

    I really enjoyed these tips. I have been blogging on and off for about 3 years and I am finally getting back in to it. I really like all of the advice and how you also included other bloggers in your tips. I found you on Pinterest but I’m going to be following along also!

  67. says

    Great tips! I’m working on taking my blog to the next level and although I have years of website building experience, the blog world is relatively new and daunting. I will use these tips to help. Thanks so much.xx
    Sacha recently posted…Rice Cooker QuinoaMy Profile

  68. says

    Thanks for the great article. I just started my blog 2 months back, and feeling low that I don’t get much traffic to it. But after reading your post, now feeling confident again. Love the idea of Link parties was not aware of it at all. Thanks once again darling.
    Nidhi recently posted…Dreamy Dark Midnight IndulgenceMy Profile

  69. Lynn Jones says

    wonderful information, as I am starting out, I appreciate all the info you can give.
    Love your site thanks again

  70. Achiyaa says

    Its such a nice post very helpful..I am blogging since 2004 …but never thought of doing all this…but now I am planing to launch one official blog…thanks for the info

  71. Angelique Milner says

    This is awesome! All these tips are really useful I just started thinking about creating my own blog, so I guess Ill hop to it soon! Still a little nervous.

  72. says

    Thank you so much for writing this! Totally helpful 🙂 I am a new blogger and I have written down many of your tips!

    Could you let me know how the link parties work?

    Thanks 🙂

    • says

      Hi Paige! Link parties are simple. You show up when the link party starts, and then you leave your link and visit the other bloggers who have left links. Typically the parties stay open for about six days, so even if you miss when the party opens you can still leave a link. It’s a great way to find other bloggers and if you get featured it can be great exposure!

  73. says

    Hi! First I want to thank you for including the link to google trends. So many other bloggers talk about finding out the best keywords to use, but I could never figure out how to find that information for free. Second, I have been interested in participating in a link party for a little while now, but not fully understanding how to get started. I have tried researching this a little and the information doesn’t answer my specific question on how to get started. Is this something I need to contact the site owner for? Or is there an easier way to do this?

    Thanks in advance!

    P.S. I totally bookmarked this page so I can come back to it whenever I want!
    Brittany recently posted…Why I started a blog…My Profile

    • says

      For link parties all you need to do is show up on the blogs that host them when the parties open. Just add your links, visit other blogs engaged in the parties, and then you are good to go!

  74. says

    I agree with all your points but I think it is important to enjoy the process and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. I am speaking from experience. It is important to remain faithful to your readers, but not to extent that blogging is too demanding and not enjoyable. It happened to me and I wrote about it in this post. I also talk about how I turned it all around.
    Constance – Foreign Sanctuary recently posted…2 Years Blogging & The 5 Things it Takes to Be a BloggerMy Profile

  75. Lynne says

    Thank you for this. I am considering starting a blog and taking my love of crafting online – just starting my research and this has given me a lot of things to think about so I get the best start possible!

  76. says

    Spot on Lisa! I’m far from a beginner, I have 70K page views per month, but I feel like I’ve only just “got” it. I know what to do now. And I’m so kicking myself for not maximising my Adsense income earlier, I’ve thrown away thousands by not getting that sorted out until LAST MONTH! It brings in a reliable $400 per month now, easy money!
    My blog ( actually, we have 6 blogs, but 1 very big one) is about to go from hobby to business, it’s going to support my family. And I so wish I had a husband who was a computer genius, I’m a 1 man band, totally. But he’s a great Chef!
    Alyson recently posted…Location Independent, Solopreneur, Diginomad….Freedom!My Profile

  77. says

    Hi Lisa. I am just getting started in blogging as a way to connect with like minded people. I’m close to 70 (did I really write that) and think my niche might be limited; active, independent, artistry, senior. I’ve been looking for similar types. Since I your blogging tips article was well written and helpful, I’m asking if you know of anyone that also fits that blog niche? Thanks, Sue

  78. says

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write this. I’ve been struggling so much with actually figuring out what to do. A lot of people have been telling me, “Oh, write a blog to go with your etsy shop.” But nobody has actually helped me figure out how to do that until you.
    Katiebug recently posted…Mix ‘n Match Mondays Week 1: NeutralsMy Profile

  79. Jaya says

    Hi Lisa, your tips are great!! I’ve recently taken early retirement and thinking of starting a blog. Your site gave me the courage to start my blog ha ha at my age

  80. says

    Thanks so much for this wonderful post. I’m in my fourth month blogging part-time and I love it but I’m feeling completely overwhelmed. There is so much information out there and I want to know it all NOW! Until reading your post I had never even heard of link parties. I’m definitely going to be checking that out. Thanks again!

  81. says

    Thank you so much for this post 🙂 I’m just starting out as well, and am doing mad research to make sure I have all my bases covered. This was super informational, and I’ve checked out all the helpful links you provided as well. Even though I’m still setting up my website and getting all my thoughts together for my first post, I’m trying to get all my other ducks in a row 🙂 Setting up twitter, and a FB page, cleaning up my Pinterest…everything you’ve suggested.

    Thanks a million!
    Kelly recently posted…Hello world!My Profile

  82. says

    I haven’t began blogging but I am on the cusp, gathering as much information as I can. Your article has increased my excitement. So many other bloggers imply that a lot of money should be invested in classes or other things in order to be successful. You have made it simple and have been so encouraging. Thank you. You were truly a bright spot in a very dark day for me.

  83. says

    Hi. Love your tips. You are so encouraging! I just bought my domain and set up my blog page but honestly have no idea what I am doing. Could you please give me some pointers? Thanks again.

  84. says

    This is an amazing post, I’m so happy I found your blog! One thing I have a problem with is focus. I want to blog about SO. MANY. THINGS. yet everyone’s advise is to stick with your niche. 🙁

  85. says

    Very helpful article. Would you happen to know anyone who has a great post on fixing a host only google adsense account? I started on YouTube first so my account is kinda locked into host only and I can’t for the life of me get it fixed.

  86. says

    This post is fab Lisa, i have literally just started my very first blog and really have no idea what i’m doing so these tips will go to good use! You start off thinking it’s all straightforward and simple, yet there’s so much going on behind the scenes that readers don’t realise. Looking forward to getting more involved in the blogging community, Nicole
    Nicole recently posted…Saturday NightsMy Profile

  87. says

    this post has so many good tips! i have been blogging for just over a year and it is so much fun, but lot of work! i will definitely use all of these tips! i was wondering if you knew where to get/hot to get the circle buttons/links to your social media account that are under tip #2? They look so nice and are very effective!

    thank you so much! – avery huia x

  88. says

    Thanks so much for sharing this. I wish I found a list like this when I first started blogging. Yeah, I can say the same as you: my first year of blogging isn’t something I like to think about. But then, you need to have it, don’t you? You need to learn things for yourself, even if you read every useful post and tutorial there is.

    I’ve done everything you suggest… but the link party. I heard aboutit before, but never tried it out. So I think I’ll follow your link and see what happens 😉
    JazzFeathers recently posted…I Will Tell You All About ItMy Profile

  89. says

    Thanks for ones marvelous posting! I truly enjoyed reading it,
    you might be a great author.I will be sure to bookmark your blog and definitely will
    come back from now on. I want to encourage that you continue your
    great writing, have a nice evening!
    abcya recently posted…abcyaMy Profile

  90. says

    Great article, I started my blog this past January and like you said, there will always be someone who has been doing it longer or who is much better at it! Reading that is a great reminder of direction when I feel like no one is interested in my niche, but reaching your audience takes time. I need to work more on networking. With all of the opinions and suggestions available to new bloggers, it’s great to see straight forward and honest suggestions. Plus suggestions that don’t automatically recommend paying a bunch of money for courses, etc. Thanks again!

  91. Saundra says

    What a great article! I recently started my own blog and I often find myself sitting down to write a post and never knowing what to write about. I could sit in front of a blank post for an hour or two not having a clue what to talk about. I guess I’m just wondering where everyone gets there inspiration or ideas for their posts. I have never really had a passion for just one thing. I know that’s not how a lot of blogs are but I never know what to write about.

    • says

      Saundra, if you blog for pleasure or as a hobby, I think you should just go for it and write what comes to mind. It will keep the enjoyment in it for you. If you want to monetize your blog, I probably would try to find a focus. Beauty? Fashion? DIY & Crafts? Parenting? Food? A combination of two the above? I think otherwise it’s hard to grow an audience.

  92. Nina says

    Thank you Lisa for providing this valuable information.. I had a question about the government data bases we are supposed to search for copyright info. Where are they? And does it cost a lot of money to copyright your blog?

  93. says

    This post is a great help. Thank you for posting it 🙂

    I have a small confession to make.
    Let me explain.
    I just recently, last week in fact, started my own blog.
    It’s something I’ve been considering for a while, something I could use a CV of sorts to show off stuff.
    As this was the main reason for creating the blog, I never thought much about people actually reading it or making any kind of revenue of it.
    So when I read the passage about monetising your blog, I was a little confused to see you had no adds on your page. Then I realised. I have adblocker.
    So I toggled the adblocker app and turned it off for your site, and lo and behold, ads.
    It’s only then that I realised that adblockers, although seemingly convenient for the user, is detrimental to content creators such as yourself and the likes of youtubers.
    I didn’t realise that my blocking these ads was losing money for hard working people who are trying to make a living off of doing what they love.
    And so, adblocker has been turned off on the majority of sites I frequent.

  94. Courtney says


    Can you give me more information on protecting yourself from being hacked? I am just now trying to decide if I should start a blog. Could you respond to me at my email address, please.

    Thank you!!!

  95. Brittany says

    This is the third time I have read this blog post!! I am a newbie blogger, okay technically not a blogger yet, still in the planning and researching phase, hence reading this article multiple times. Except this time, I will be taking notes to refer back to on a regular basis until my blog is up and running!!! I have been following blog after blog, researching every topic of starting a blog!!! This article is awesome, and has helped so much!!! I can not wait to get my blog up and running in the next few months and join this awesome blogging community!!!!! Thank you so much for the incredible information in this post, and the encouragement!!!!!!

  96. says

    Today, I was just doing my usual pinning on pinterest for my blog and I can across your pin. I really love how easily you have outlined all of these awesome tips. Even experienced bloggers need to be reminded of ways to connect with new readers!

  97. Carmen Carde says

    I find this article very helpful and am looking to start my own business blogging and more than likely growing from there. My family actually encouraged me to write since I’ve been doing it since I was 14. So I said why not. I’m gonna give it a try. Thanks so much.

  98. says

    This was such an awesome read. I officially launched my blog today and I suppose now is the time to come out of the shadows and stop stalking blogs I love and actually engage with them haha. I’m not a cooking blog, but gosh do I love to follow them. Thank you for all the advice, it was definitely eye-opening. I thought I had done all my research already, but this just showed me some steps I never thought to do!

    Thank you again for such a wonderful and informative post. By the way, one look at your Pinterest boards and I’m already immediately craving a bunch of desserts I can’t make in my itty bitty college dorm kitchen.

  99. says

    These were some really great tips! I’m a beginner blogger (I launch on December 1st) and have been doing as much research as possible to get my blog off on the right foot. Thanks for your help and advice for us newbies 🙂

    • says

      Hi Amy! I should update this post. I don’t actually participate in blog parties anymore, but I think they are still a great starting point for beginning bloggers!


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