Cookie Butter Butterscotch Fudge

Cookie Butter Butterscotch Fudge!  This fudge is so delicious and so easy that it is a must make for your holiday season!

Cookie Butter Butterscotch Fudge!  This fudge is so delicious and so easy that it is a must make for your holiday season! via

I’m about to introduce you to the fudge that is going to end your diet.

Okay, let’s not look at it that way.  Let’s say, let me introduce you to your winter blubber.  The dessert that is going to bring you to your knees and make you beg for mercy.  The dessert that is so good, you won’t need to buy a winter coat.

Cookie Butter Butterscotch Fudge!  This fudge is so delicious and so easy that it is a must make for your holiday season! via

You’ve met Cookie Butter, right?

If you have been following me over the last few months, you know that I’ve sort of become a Cookie Butter addict.  I considered looking for a 12 step program and then realized that it just wasn’t a habit that I wanted to kick.

The number one most popular recipe on my blog that I still see getting pinned all over Pinterest is Sugar Cookie Cookie Butter Bars that has this absolutely decadent and delicious layer of Cookie Butter frosting.  It is true that the recipe calls for an obscene amount of butter, but . . . it’s worth it.

Around my birthday I made a martini out of Cookie Butter!  The Cookie Butter Milkshaketini!  {Hello, my blog is Wine & Glue . . . heavy on the wine, light on the crafting.}  Because when you turn 32, you need a dessert that packs a punch.  And I made a virgin version (say that 82 times fast after drinking a Cookie Butter Milkshaketini) too!

I took a more grown up approach and gave you Cookie Butter with breakfast with these Cookie Butter Biscotti.

And then there’s the very first Cookie Butter recipe that I ever made . . . Biscoff Butterscotch Apple Pie with Sugar Cookie Crust.  It is the ultimate delicious sugar rush.  It’s like Apple Pie on crack.  It’s awesome.  And the Cookie Butter and butterscotch pair together so deliciously well.

That pie was the inspiration for this recipe!  Butterscotch and Cookie Butter are soul mates, and this fudge is their sweet little love child.

Cookie Butter Butterscotch Fudge!  This fudge is so delicious and so easy that it is a must make for your holiday season! via

Each time I post a Cookie Butter recipe, I get questions about what is Cookie Butter and where you can find it.  So Cookie Butter is a lot like it sounds, sort of like peanut butter, only you take out the peanuts and you sub in a delicious gingerish cookie.  You know those Biscoff cookies that you get on airplanes?  Yumm.  Hand me the jar and the spoon and leave me alone with an unwatched season of Modern Family, please and thank you.

Where to buy it?  You can find it as Cookie Butter at Trader Joes.  You can find it as Biscoff Spread at Target, Walgreens, and WalMart.  If all else fails, you can buy it on Amazon.  I’m not kidding, and yes, it is worth it.

Cookie Butter Butterscotch Fudge

  • 11 oz butterscotch chips
  • 1/2 cup cookie butter
  • 1 14 oz can sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  1. Line a 8 x 8 square pan with tin foil (enough so it hangs out over the edge), and spray it with cooking spray.
  2. Combine the butterscotch chips, cookie butter, and sweetened condensed milk in a small saucepan over medium low heat.
  3. Stir until it is melted and combined (Note:  There might be a few small chunks of butterscotch here and there).
  4. Add vanilla and stir until combine.
  5. Pour into pan and refrigerate for four hours.

Take yourself on a Cookie Butter Tour!

biscoff_butterscotch_apple_pie cookie_butter_biscotti cookie_butter_cocktail sugar_cookie_bars_cookie_butter


  1. says

    I’ve tried to steer clear of Trader Joes Cookie Butter – because frankly, it scares me. It seems like the sort of thing….like this delicious recipe, that I would just eat mountains of! It looks like the perfect gift for teachers and neighbors this holiday season. Thank you!
    Jessica recently posted…Pesto Pizza RollsMy Profile

  2. Jeff says

    Had some of these at the office today…
    I’ve only had two small pieces – spread out over 4 hours or so – they are THAT rich (as only good fudge can be).
    My only hope is that when I go back for piece number three at 4:00 that there will be some left……

  3. Pam says

    Hi Lisa,
    I love your recipes, so very original & easy to do.
    Can you please tell me how much is in a ‘butter stick’ please? How many ounces or grams is it? I am from ‘Down Under’ & not familiar with this measurement.
    Thank you Lisa,
    Kind regards

  4. Kerry says

    What chocolate chips do you use is it baking chocolate or will any chocolate work ie.. Cadbury, galaxy ect… Where can I purchase them and also the different extracts ie. Peppermint, mint, butterscotch ,,!!!!,!,!
    Your fudge recipes look lovely can’t wait to make a batch for Xmas. I’m in the UK by the way. Xxxx

  5. Azi says

    Hi. Coming from New Zealand, I tend to hate all these awesome sites with amazing recipes, because we don’t get things like cookie butter or caramel chips (yes this one is a sore point for me!) so as I am alas too poor to pay the exorbitant shipping fees… Please can someone link a recipe to make this deliciously sounding wonder that is cookie butter? 😀


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