Dinosaur Dig!

Okay.  I will preface this post by saying that the pictures of it don’t do it justice or convey just how happy and excited Gavin was to do it.  That said, here we go.

I got this idea from this AWESOME book.  I’ve renewed it from the library twice now.  I might just need to buy it.  Why did it take me four years to realize that people have been doing great activities with kids for ages, and the internet isn’t the only place to find them???  The library has a ton of great books with ideas on fun things to do with kids.  (Okay, my pitch for using the local library is over.)

Notice all the page markers?  This book is going to be the inspiration for a lot of blog posts.  Prepare yourself.

Back to diggn’.  It’s super simple.  All you need is:

  • jello
  • dinosaur fruit snacks
  • a hungry paleontologist (if you don’t have one of those, a hungry toddler who really likes dinosaurs is a great substitute)

Okay!  Make the jello.  It’s supposed to sit for four hours in your refrigerator.  {Make sure you are very clear with your paleontologist/toddler that this is a treat for tomorrow, as it needs to sit in the refrigerator all night.}   At the two hour mark, start throwing dinosaurs in the jello.  That’s it.  For real.

One of the greatest parts about this is that Gavin got it!  All because he watches Dinosaur Train (I’d love to shake the hand of the genius who combined dinosaurs and trains) he understood what a dinosaur dig meant.  Listen.

Me:  What’s the jello?
G: The earth
Me: And the dinosaurs are?
G: Fossils
Me: And you are?


Just to be clear, Gavin hates jello.  Hates.  In fact, he had his adenoids and tonsils out when he was two, and he was offered all the jello he could get his sticky little hands on.  No dice.  Such a lovely strange child.

This is the paleontologist carefully sifting away “dirt” to find the fossils . . . and . . . ummmm . . . eating them.  The analogy only goes so far.

It was even more fun when Buddy and Tiny came to join the dig.

And this is my absolute favorite part.


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