Felt Pennant Birthday Banner

Felt Pennant Birthday Banner | A felt pennant banner that is easy and affordable to make via Wine & Glue

Whether you decide to throw a Rainbow Party or some other far inferior type of party for your kiddo, this super simple banner can be a really easy and inexpensive addition to your decor.  I think this whole banner cost less than $7.  It would have been even less if I had used only two or three colors and bought felt by the 1/4 yard using coupons instead of small pieces of craft felt.

Start by grabbing a scrap piece of a card board box.  {If you are anything like Nathan and I you have a giant pile of cardboard boxes in your garage that causes your father to sigh every time he sees it.}  Using a sharpie and a ruler, make a triangle.  Cut it out with a box cutter.

Then using a rotary cutter (or a pen and scissors) start cutting out your triangles.  I got two triangles per piece of craft felt.

I then drew my letters free hand on a piece of white felt with my sharpie.  I used a ruler to keep them all around three inches tall. To keep you from having outlines of sharpie on your banner, you can either draw the letters backwards and flip, or do your best to cut right inside the lines, and then just give the felt a little hair cut to get off the rest of the marker.

Then I hot glued the letters to the triangles.  Sadly, I have no pictures of me hot gluing . . . as handling a camera and a hot glue gun would surely lead to serious injuries.

Then I pinned the triangles to a piece of wide ribbon.  I just eye balled it and made sure each one was placed at the mid-point of the ribbon.  Then I ran it through my sewing machine.

I ran the very ends of the ribbon through a flame so they wouldn’t fray.  Then we used packing tape (super classy) to hang it on the wall above the kids’ Rainbow Birthday Swag.

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    I’m stopping for a visit from Six Sisters’ Stuff today!
    I’m having so much fun visiting the participants of this blog linky party.
    So many wonderful and creative ideas.
    What a lovely banner. You did an amazing job.

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    Hello from Sundae Scoop Link Party!

    Loving this colorful theme! Turned out cute! 🙂

    Have a fabulous and inspired day!

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