Fleece Knight Helmet Hat {Free Pattern}

Fleece Knight Helmet Hat with tutorial and free pattern!

Fleece Knight Helmet Hat with tutorial and free pattern! via www.wineandglue.com

Let me just start this post by saying that it was so insanely difficult to photograph Gavin in this hat, because he couldn’t break character.  He was so busy posing and being a knight that it was seriously almost impossible to get a decent picture that shows off the hat.

Fleece Knight Helmet Hat with tutorial and free pattern! via www.wineandglue.com


Such a ham.

Gavin wanted to be a knight for Halloween, and I decided to make him the frock thing (Nathan is reading this hanging his head in shame that I don’t know the right terminology), and the shield.  But we planned on buying him a sword and helmet.  The sword we found right away, but we couldn’t for the life of us find just a plain helmet without a bunch of other stuff included.  So I decided to make him one!  I figured that it could be part of his Halloween costume and then would last into winter as a winter hat.

Homemade Knight Costume on www.wineandglue.com{Please ignore my insanely messy living room . . . and the red foam bowling ball.}

The base for this hat comes from this amazing Dinosaur Hat from Stitched.  I switched out the spikes for the red piece in the back, and changed the ear piece to be a little more square.  Then I added a front piece with buttons that can flip down, flip up, or just be taken off.

Want to make one too?  Gavin’s head is about 22 inches around, and here is the pattern I made to make it!

Here is the pattern on three sheets:


Download page 1 here  |  Download page 2 here  |  Download page 3 here

Once you have printed out all three sheets, cut all the pieces of paper out, and tape together piece 3a to piece 3b and piece 4a to piece 4b.

You need about a half yard of gray and just scraps of red.  The cutting out of the fleece is very straight forward, with the exception of piece 4.  You need four piece 4’s, but you want to cut it in such a way that it is cut as two pieces, this way there won’t be a seam in the front of the hat.  This is what it looks like all cut out:


I used a half inch seam allowance for the whole project.

The front piece isn’t pictured because I needed to see how it fit first to see how long it needed to be.  Make sure you cut out two piece 3’s.

Now sew one side of a piece 1 to another side of a piece 1.  Repeat that with the two remaining piece 1’s.  (Pictures of this would be helpful huh?  Head over to STITCHED.)  Sew the red pieces together and flip inside out.  Now you can complete the top of the hat.  Pin the two sides of the hat together with the red part on the inside sandwiched between the right sides of the fabric.

Now sew together the two piece fours, leaving the wide piece at the end unsewn.  Once it is sewn together, flip it so that the right sides of it are together, and sew down the length of the wide part.  This will make it a full circle.

Put the top part of the hat inside the ear flap circle.  Make sure that the red piece that goes in the back is lined up with the widest part of the ear flap (longest part?).  Pin it in place.  Sew around.

Sew the two piece 3’s together, leaving a small two inch gap.  Flip it inside out, and then top stitch around it.

With your kid having the hat on very carefully pin piece 3 in place, add buttons, cut holes in piece 3, and you are done!

My sincere apologies for the lack of pictures.  I made this on the fly and wasn’t sure that it would even work let along be blog worthy.  Head over to STITCHED.  The concept is totally the same, and she has step by step pictures.  You know, like a classy blogger.

Fleece Knight Helmet Hat with tutorial and free pattern! via www.wineandglue.com


  1. says

    I adore this. I am going to make one as a Christmas gift – my partner would adore one, and keeps borrowing mine (which don’t really suit him haha!) And who doesn’t think a bearded 6’3″ 23 year old man would look excellent running around in a knight’s helmet hat!
    Heather recently posted…Plus-size Vintage Lingerie? I say!My Profile

    • says

      Holly, one of the things that makes me the happiest with this little blog of mine is when people make my creations and it turns out well! Your hat looks awesome and your nephew looks so happy!! And my husband was TOTALLY going to go with the foil until I came up with this, lol! Thank you so much for sharing! You made my day!

  2. says

    So cool! My grandson has worn a green dinosaur costume for over 5 months straight…And since he’s seen a Mike the Knight video, I might be able to talk him into a costume change, which his mother would love!

    • says

      Hi Lisa! I didn’t make patters for them. I really just measured the shoulder width of my kiddo and the length from his shoulders to just below his knees. I cut, cut out the bottom part, cut a hole for his head, and then added some tabs on the side with velcro to hold it together. The shield was just something I eyeballed. Cut two pieces of the dark gray, one of the light. And then I put some cardboard and stuffing between the two pieces.

  3. Miriam says

    Hi saw your fudge recipe thru pinterest while searching for a hat pattern, and i would like to make some but what is cookie butter and how do i make it , thanks

  4. suzy says

    love this! thanks so much for posting the pattern. i made mine out of felt so skipped a few steps. pattern was great and it came out perfect for my 3 year old. thanks again. 🙂

  5. Ayelet says

    This looks wonderful! I have two boys that are happy to be knights for Halloween. Do you have any asstimation how much extra fabric you need for the armor and the sheild? Are those from the same fleece or felt?
    Halloween is right behind the corner…. 🙂

    • Joke says

      What a great had! My sun wants to be a knight at carnaval and I want to make him you’re helmet but … how do I reduce the patern?… My son’s head is 20 inch…

      • says

        So, I would suggest you can either for for it with this pattern for a 22 inch head because before long he’ll grow into it, and it’s not like it will be SO BIG that it will flop over his eyes. Orrrrrrr, because 20 divided by 22 is 90.9, when you print this you could put in 91% into your printer settings so it will print smaller. Does that make sense?

  6. Andrea says

    The “frock thing” is called a tabard. It originally would have been a piece that went over the armor to show off ones heraldry.

  7. Leslie says

    Thank you for this! I just whipped one up for my great-nephew (soon to be 5). After I fixed the broken strap on a homemade shield he had he said he needed a helmet. I introduced him to Pinterest and he chose yours! He’s tickled with it!

  8. Angela says

    thank you for posting this, my son is happy with his helmed. Hij wanted to be Mike the Knight so made it in blue.

  9. Daisy says

    I saw the helmet in Homespun magazine…..it looks terrific and I know my grandson will love it. Thanks for the tutorial 🙂


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