Flower Hair Clip Tutorial

Flower Hair Clip Tutorial | A beautiful hair clip that’s simple to make

Have you seen these beautiful felt flowers from Megan of Not Martha?


No?  You still haven’t bought into the hype of Pinterest.  Good for you.  (I on the other hand have totally surrendered myself to the time suck.)  She made these for Mother’s Day last year, and they are so lovely.  I fell in love almost immediately.  And then, seconds after that, I realized that I could miniaturize them for a hair clip for Quinn!

Seriously, when did I become this person?

Anyway!  I really love these.  Want to make some?  Are you ready?  You will be spending all of your evenings doing it.  Good?  Ok.

Let’s talk supplies.  This is what I used:

Honestly, those are some fancy schmancy tools that I already had.  And they did make things easier, but you really only need the felt, ribbon, scissors, fabric glue, hot glue gun, and hair clips.
Glue together two 1 1/2 inch circles for the base. (That’s what I used my Olfa circle cutter for.  I love my circle cutter . . . I have used it approximately a gazillion and two times.)
Next cut some 1 inch by 1 inch squares.  Lots of them. (I use about 31 per flower, but typically cut the whole sheet of craft felt that is left after making the circles so that I can make multiple flowers.)
Now start forming the squares into petals. There’s no real trick to this.  Just eye ball it.  You’ll get better the more you do.  Or you will be amazing at it from the get go.  You know, one or the other.
Once you are done forming them into petals, put a small amount of fabric glue at the bottom corners and fold them in on themselves.  (You can use hot glue, I find it works better and is faster, but be prepared for a couple burns.  Eeek!)  Save three petals for the middle of your flower, leaving them unglued.
While the petals are drying, hold them together with the hair clips.
Now start forming the flower!  I like to glue the petals as far out to the edge as possible so you can get a lot in.  I used 13 on the outer edge of this flower.
Next, a second layer.  Again, glue them as far out as possible.  My second layer had 9 petals.
Now you need to make the very center of the flower.  Grab three the three petals you left unglued.  Cut the bottom third off of each petal.  Add some glue to the bottom of the first petal and roll it tight.  Hold it with a hair clip while you add glue to the second petal.  Roll the second petal around the first, placing it so that the peaks are opposite each other, and hold them with the hair clip while you add glue to the third and final petal.  Add the final petal aiming for it’s peak to land between the other two, and secure all three with the hair clip.  Leave them for about five minutes to make sure they are all glued together.
Now place the flower center . . . in the center of the flower.  Ha!
Now you just need to add your last layer, between the second layer of petals and the middle.  Take six petals (you may need one more or one less depending no how much space you have left) that are glued and dried and cut off a smidgen of the bottom.
Now add some glue to the bottom of them and squeeze them in there.
Next you need to add some ribbon to a hair clip.  I like to use ribbon with ridges because it stays in Quinn’s hair a little better.  Keep in mind when you are gluing on the ribbon that you need enough on there to cover it when it is completely closed.  So I find it best to glue it to the outside, while closed, and then open it up and fold in the remaining ribbon.  Use hot glue for this, since fabric glue will not hold it to the metal.  Then glue it to the back of the flower.
The last and final step is to torture your 9 month old with a photo shoot as she tries to crawl away.
Sigh.  Babies.
We had better luck a different day.  (Oh, you thought I would give up and just leave my kid alone?  Ha!)  This is a flower I made her for St. Patrick’s Day.  You know . . . to wear on our family trip to Target.
The headband is an old t-shirt of mine sewn together.
I understand that she’s mine . . . so I’m a little biased . . . but seriously.  I can’t stand how cute she is.
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  1. says

    OMG! These are lovely and your little model is ADORABLE!!! I need to remember things like this for when I have a little girl. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my place. The cook book I’m using is called Power Foods forwarded by Martha Stewart.

    • says

      Oh, thank you!! I never thought I would be the flower clip making kind, but having a little girl has done strange things to me : ) Thanks for the book title! I’ll have to check it out, the roasted peppers look so yummy!

  2. says

    This is so cute. With new babies on the way, the sisters will like this one! We are so glad you joined our “Strut Your Stuff Saturday”. We love to see all of the great recipes and ideas!! Thanks and we hope to see you again next week! -The Sisters

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