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Looking back on 2012, it’s hard to conceptualize of all the things that happened.  I mean, when you have really little kids, they change SO MUCH in a year’s time.

At this time last year, Quinn wasn’t really doing much but smiling and looking cute.  And now, she’s still smiling and looking cute, but she’s also walking, talking, sassing, and melting our hearts about 700 times a day.  (And that’s marker on her face.  She hasn’t quite learned the difference between the words “draw with” and “eat.”)

The changes in Gavin aren’t quite as visual, but so much has changed for him in a year.  He’s started school, can write his name, and is quickly learning to read.  He also seems to understand things on a deeper level.  The other day he asked me how old Elliot would be if he had lived.  I was shocked.  So many concepts that he understood all at once.
In order to kind of capture our year and note some of the big changes that took place, I thought I would do a Christmas ornament highlighting 2012.  
Grab a wooden tag from Michaels for about 30 cents.  Then grab some spray paint.  I was lucky enough to have a little left over Christmas red from Gavin’s lego costume.  
Once the spray paint dries, measure the area on the ornament to figure out how much space you have to work with.  Then print out a list of the highlights of your year in the right size.  Mine was about 2 inches by 2 inches, so I made my list about 1.75 inches by 1.75 inches.
Now hack apart your Christmas card.  I’m sure you have a couple dozen extra Christmas cards laying around.  I know.  It’s painful to cut them up, but go for it.  Glue one of those cute little squares to one side, and your list to the other using rubber cement.
Now Mod Podge over the top of it, one side at a time, letting it dry completely before you do the other side.  I used wax paper as a work surface.
Once it has completely dried, hang it on your tree to admire year after year and question when your kids are in their late 40’s why getting hermit crabs in 2012 was worth noting.


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