It’s Friday! Cheers! {My Little Comedian}

It’s Friday!  You made it through another week!!

Hmmm . . . what should I lift my glass to this week??

The never ending supply of chocolate in my house thanks to Gavin’s trick or treating adventure?  Hardly.   That chocolate is quickly becoming the bane of my existence.

My morning cup of coffee?  I mean, it is the only thing that is getting me through the morning.  The clocks fell back. My daughter did not.

Armour Etch?  I really want to etch the crap out of everything.

My first etsy sale???  Maybe.  I’ll give that a half toast.

The end of political ads?  Extremely tempting, but I have something better in mind.

This week, I’m going to give my cheers to Gavin.

We are at an interesting place in our parenting of Gavin.  He’s getting too smart for us.

He is starting to learn to read, so spelling around him is starting to fail.

He has this amazing memory, so if I tell him we are going to do something, I have to stick to it or have a really good reason why I didn’t.

He is starting to understand what is fair and what isn’t.  The other day he asked for a snack at 4:45, and I told him it was too close to dinner.  A few minutes later when I handed his sister three goldfish crackers because she was squawking at my feet, he yelled, “Hey!  That’s not fair!!”  And he was right!

He understands when he is being held to higher standards than we are holding ourselves to.  If I tell him not to be sassy to me, I should probably not be sassy when I talk to him.  (Who?  Me?  Sassy?  Never!)

He is starting to give us a run for our money, that’s for sure.

The upside to all of this?  We are starting to be able to rationalize with him.  What a novel thought!  When we talk to him about his behavior and what needs to change, he really gets it.  He might not make the choice we are hoping for, but it’s not because he didn’t understand what was expected of him.  And that is a phenomenal thing to watch.

It really is amazing, this gift of parenting.  You get to watch this tiny little being unfold into this amazing person.

I love my little Gavin.

He is sweet, funny, compassionate, smart as can be, loves his sister to no end, and is just such a little light in my life.

More than once, I feel like this little soul has brought me back from the edge.

We have so much fun with Gavin.  Corn mazes, picnic lunches with dad, pretending to be the statue of liberty, apple picking, bike riding, exploring, doing Quinn’s patented stink eye.  Gavin is awesome.

One of the things I love most about Gavin is his sense of humor.  When he finds something funny, and really laughs hard, it is the greatest sound in the world.

The other day Gavin told me a joke that actually made me laugh really hard.  Want to hear it?

Spread your arms out like an airplane.

What are your arms called?


What is just one called?

(a wing)

Good.  Say it twice.

(a wing a wing)

Good.  Now say it three times.

(a wing a wing a wing!)

{With my hand up to my ear like I’m on the phone}  

Hello!  How are you??

Good, right??

To be fair, it’s not a Gavin original, or we would have booked Vegas.  He got it from Sid The Science Kid.  A kid who walks around with a fake microphone trying to make people laugh.  Hmm, a real shocker that Gavin likes him.

Cheers to you little Gavin.  I love you more than you will ever know.  (Yes, to the end of the universe and back.)  Thank you for filling my life with love, light, and laughter.


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