It’s Friday! Cheers! {Virtual Ribbon Cutting}

It’s Friday!  We’ve made it through another week!

And this week, I’m raising my glass to finally getting my etsy shop, Humming Bird’s View, open!!

{In my head, there is a crowd standing on their feet and cheering with wild abandon.}

Why the name, Humming Bird’s View, you ask?

Well . . . . it comes back to Elliot.

I must admit that at times it feels like I talk about Elliot waaaaaaay too much on my blog.  But as I’ve said before, losing a child has irrevocably changed me.  I think about Elliot every single day.  Often multiple times a day.  So I think it would be impossible for his brief life and his death to not weave it’s way into the fabric of this blog.

Shortly after Elliot died, we received a very sweet card from one of my mom’s dearest friends.  Her message was very kind and very sweet, and it was so nice to hear from someone that my mom loved so much.

But what really struck me was the generic message on the back that the company, Papyrus, includes on all their cards:


As soon as I read these words, I felt struck.  I remembered that the week before we found out Elliot was sick, and our world started to dissolve around us, Gavin and I had been playing in our living room and had seen a little hummingbird right outside the window.  It came to drink from a flower in our garden, paused, let us admire it, and then it was gone.

So much like Elliot.

And in that moment, Elliot became my little humming bird.  Floating free of time, inspiring us to open our hearts to loved ones, teaching us to savor each moment, and embrace all that life has to offer.

When we were designing Quinn’s room, I knew that I needed to include an image of a humming bird.  And that is when I found this:

{Unfortunately the etsy shop that I bought it from, Cut It Out, is no longer running!}

I love it.  It makes me feel like in some little way, Elliot is keeping an eye out for Quinn.  And that warms my heart in a way that words really can’t capture.

It was one day when I was sitting in the rocking chair in Quinn’s room, nursing her, that I looked at that little humming bird, and thought about Elliot.  I thought about his sweet little soul, and about him watching over the kids.  I thought about what his view of this world must look like . . .

 . . . and the name, Humming Bird’s View was born.

At this point, I’m working on making pieces that you can hang in your kids’ rooms.  Special pieces of art that will capture moments in their childhood that you don’t want to forget.

Another new adventure for me!  Come check it out.

Annnnnnnd, just because I can’t resist posting pictures of them, here are my kiddos on Halloween heading out to get some loot.


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