Kid’s Eye View {My Budding Photographer}

In late 2010 Nathan and I took a much needed escape to Las Vegas.  We decided at the last minute that we didn’t want to take our big beautiful (read: expensive) camera.  So we bought a small, compact, yet 12 megapixel camera.  I don’t remember how much it was, but it was for sure under $100.

In the fall of 2011 we decided to let Gavin try taking pictures with it.  We decided that it was chunky enough that he would have to work extra hard to break it, and it was inexpensive enough (relatively speaking) that if he should manage to break it, we would survive.

The results were kind of awesome.

Here are some of the first pictures he took.

Yeah . . . that’s me and my messy kitchen.  I’m kind of glad that it took him a bit to master how to focus.

His train set.  Kind of artistic, no?
The view from the top of his play house.  Is it weird that I want to frame this one?
This is how Nathan looks to Gavin.  Not that Nathan ever really yells at Gavin, but how terrifying would that be?  Food for thought.

Autumn leaves

Uh oh.  Dad caught sleeping on the job.

Melissa and her Quinn over for lunch.

Melissa’s Quinn looking at what Gavin is doing.  I kind of love this one.
Quinn and I laying on the floor.  Gavin didn’t think he had the right angle for this one, so he actually went to get his bathroom stool and stand higher above us.
This has turned out to be such a huge boredom buster! Gavin loves doing this so much, it actually seems like he thinks of it as a special treat.  I also love it because it gets him out of the house and I must admit, it makes me happy to see him doing something creative.
Want to see more?  Of course you do.
Eruptor and Wrecking Ball.  {Have you given in to your son’s Skylander wants yet?  No?!?!?  Don’t do it!!  It’s such a money sucking genius idea!!  Another rant for another day.}
Gavin’s first self-portrait.  Are there really any words for this one?
A better mother would probably know why her daughter was making this face at her son . . .
More?  Okay, okay!  These ones are from just the other day.
Me editing Meatless Monday pictures.
His self-portraits have improved a little, huh?
While I was wrapping up  my blog post, Quinny woke up.  So I told Gavin to go up to her room and take a picture of her.

Awesome, right?  They get better.

I will never tire of how much my kids love each other.

Okay, one last one.  Do you remember the title picture?  A picture of Gavin taking a picture of the ground?  So you don’t have to scroll, here it is again.

This is what he was taking a picture of.  Chalk paint (post to come).
I need to do something with these, other than just a blog post.  Ideas?
Anyway, next time your four year old is bored, maybe hand them a camera and see what happens.


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    GREAT idea!!! My friend let my youngest daughter play with her camera and she was fascinated for hours!! I am seriously thinking about buying her a cheap one. What a wonderfully creative pastime for them! 🙂

    • says

      You should get her one for her birthday or Christmas! Though . . . I do think that the fact that Gavin has to ask to use it makes it more of a special treat and novelty.

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    What a brilliant idea! I love pictures because it’s fascinating to see things from someone else’s perspective, and it’s super cool to see stuff from a kid’s viewpoint. Thanks for linking this up at The Fun In Functional; I’m so glad I saw it!

  3. says

    Love it… waiting for my kid to get a little older for this. Although we already bought a camera. it is just not as fancy as mine. I am sure he will love it one day. 🙂 COming to you from the blog hop. 🙂

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