1. Jamey Young says

    Your stories are an inspiration. They are hope. I lost my son Caleb five years ago. He was born at 24 weeks 5 days and lived 17 days in the NICU at Children’s Hospital. We learned he had a severe level three brain bleed and we made the decision to with draw care (after several long hours of meetings with doctors and surgeons). Five years and I still struggle every day. The grief is deep. It is so hard. It has affected my marriage. I hope that one one day the pain eases some. I certainly have learned to live with a lot of it. i have two healthy beautiful children that are most certainly my saving grace.

    • says

      Jamey, I am so so deeply sorry for your loss. I am sure that you walk through each day wondering how life would feel with Caleb here. Everything you said totally rings true for me. It will be seven years this September, and I can say things are easier. I can say in our experience, marriage counseling helped a lot. But the loss still affected our lives in ways I never would have imagined. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. Wishing you peace, Lisa.

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