Personalized Pie Plates #PiDayPieParty

Did you know that just around the corner is a very very special day??

It is often overshadowed by a certain holiday consisting of little men in green, rainbows, and all things greenish and beerish.  But it is none the less, very important.

Pi Day!!  (You know, March 14th?  3.14 . . . You get it, right?)

My blogging buddy, Dorothy, over at Crazy for Crust is having a big ‘ole party full of pie, crust, and prizes to help celebrate.

Head over to Crazy for Crust for all the Pi-licious details.

I’m super excited to announce that one of the great prizes you can win is a custom pie plate from my Etsy shop, Hummingbird’s View!  And just to show you all the coolness you can deck out your very own pie plate with, check out the one I made for Dorothy!

It’s the perfect gift for the baker that has every other kitchen gadget known to man.

I first started etching the pie plates around Thanksgiving.  A retired teacher had suggested to me that it would mean so much to Gavin’s teacher if I gave her gifts at “off” times (i.e. not the start of school, end of school, and Christmas).  So taking her advice, I designed a pie plate with a bitten apple and her name etched into the bottom and then baked the Dulce de Apple Struesel Pie into it.

It was so sweet, she liked the pie, but she loved the pie plate.

And even though it is in there for good, no amount of baking or washing is going to take it off, she refuses to use it.  {I was absent minded enough to forget to take a picture before baking her pie over it!}

What would you want etched in yours?

So be sure to head over to Crazy for Crust on Pi Day to win one!   And while you are there, be sure to link up some of your best pie recipes.

Or if you aren’t patient enough for that, come visit the shop and I’ll whip one up for you faster than you you can say, “I prefer my pies with chocolate not fruit.”

Looking for an amazing pie to put in that plate?

Oreo Birthday Cake Pie

Looking for other great glass etching projects?

NFL Logo Etched Glasses


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      The key is to use Armour Etch. A lot of the other “etching” creams are just paint, and will wash off. You want something that is actually going to take the glass away. But just remember to not drink out of your favorite wine glasses while etching :/ Cuz it . . takes the glass away

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    Wow! This is such a great gift idea. They are awesome.
    Found you at SHOW-Licious Craft Showcase #22.
    Have a great week,

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    When I stay at my grandmother’s house we always have a pie day and just like you grandmother is customizing some pie plates, wine glass, and other staff. You both are creative! But we always make sure that the thing we use to customize is non-toxic and will not cause any harm on us.


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