Picnic Party Apparel

An easy to sew skirt, top, and dress that all coordinate!

Recently three little girls that I love celebrated their birthdays.  Cathy’s girls, Nora {1}, Greta {4}, and Ellia {6}, know how to do their summer birthdays in style.

This year, they had a backyard picnic birthday party!  Are you wondering what a picnic party looks like?  I was too.  But their dear mom, who often seems to have more creativity in one little pinky finger than I can conjure up with all my digits together, put on this wonderful shindig.

Everything was gingham, colorful, and sweet.

And look at this cute and wonderful cake.

{Cathy claimed that this was just a “normal” chocolate cake, but I have my doubts, because it was insanely good!}

So what do picnic partying girls need?  Picnic Party Apparel!  We decided to do primary colors, and gingham, and Ellia decided that we should mix and match the colors of the ribbon.  That girl has an eye for style.

Ellia got another Oliver + S Lazys Day Skirt.

I used blue ribbon and blue thread to sew it on.  Seriously.  Could Lazy Days Skirts be any better?  Warning to my friends with girls, these are going to be their birthday gifts until they all turn 18.

Greta, who doesn’t do skirts , got a cute halter shirt.  {On a side note, I can totally relate, and when I was five my mom worked tirelessly sewing a special Christmas dress for me . . . that I refused to wear!!} I’m so happy that we found something Greta loved.

I shirred the top, and used the Lazy Days Skirt ribbon hem method for the bottom.  The straps of the top are just sewed on ribbon.  To keep both ends of the ribbon from fraying, I passed them very quickly (just the very very end) through a flame.

And little Nora got a dress!

Nora’s dress was pretty much the same deal as Greta’s shirt, only with normal straps rather than halter straps.

Not bad for a wannabe seamstress!

And of course, like any good backyard picnic party, the gingham was exchanged for swimsuits and sprinklers.




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