Pumpkin Cheesecake Braid + Meijer Giveaway!

This Pumpkin Cheesecake Braid is easy to throw together but sure to impress, and *totally* delicious!

I’m so excited to be working with Meijer, Dreft, and Pampers to bring you this delicious dessert. Dreft and Pampers are both perfect for #MomLife and when things get perfect.  Now through 8/25/17 get a free 50 oz bottle of Dreft when you buy 2 Pampers Super Packs!  Thank you for supporting the brands that make Wine & Glue possible! #DutyCallsatMeijer

You guys being a mom is hard.

I knew it would be, but I don’t think I totally realized it would be this hard . . . . or this messy.  I was just having a conversation with a mom the other day and she said if she ever wrote a book about motherhood, it would be called, “Everything is sticky.”  Sooo true.

And with me doing the blog it’s like DOUBLE. It’s like the blog is another baby that is just as messy as my other babies.

Like this Pumpkin Cheesecake Braid!  So easy, so delicious, sooooo easy for kids eating it to get pumpkin deliciousness all over the counters and clothes.  Which is why I’m super excited to tell you about the deal that is happening at Meijer right now . . . . AND an amazing give away!

From now through August 24th at Meijer, when you purchase 2 Pampers Super Pack diapers you can get a FREE Dreft 50 oz detergent!  From detergent, to diapers, to wipes, Meijer has the things to keep your baby (and you!!) clean and dry.  Dreft has such a winning product line when it comes to keeping your family clean.  From the detergent to the fabric pen (take on the go for the win!) to the all surface wipes (hello sticky everything!).  And we love Pampers cruisers because they keep everything where they need to be.  And since the kiddos were newborns, I have loooooved that Pampers has that strip at the front that indicates if the diaper is wet or not!

And, just to keep your family extra clean, I’m giving away:

  • $100 Meijer Gift Card
  • Dreft Pen
  • Laundry Basket
  • Dreft Multi Surface Cleaner Wipes
  • Dryer Balls <——- how cute are those???

To enter, leave me a comment below (between now and September 7th, 2018) telling me what gets messiest in your house!*

This Pumpkin Cheesecake Braid is easy to throw together but sure to impress, and *totally* delicious!

And let me tell you.  Those Dreft All Purpose Wipes and that Dreft To Go Stain Remover Pen are going to come in handy when you make this Pumpkin Cheesecake braid for your kiddos and they get it all. over. the. place.

This Pumpkin Cheesecake Braid is easy to throw together but sure to impress, and *totally* delicious!

This braid comes together super easily.  It’s just six simple ingredients and look how pretty!  You are going to want to make this for everyone this fall!

This Pumpkin Cheesecake Braid is easy to throw together but sure to impress, and *totally* delicious!

Pumpkin Cheesecake Braid


  • 8 oz seamless crescent dough
  • 1/2 cup pumpkin puree
  • 4 ounces cream cheese, room temperature
  • 2 TBSPs brown sugar
  • 1 tsp cinnamon, plus more for sprinkling
  • 1 egg white, whisked
  • powdered sugar


  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Line a baking sheet with silicon mat or parchment paper.
  2. In a small bowl, mix together the pumpkin, cream cheese, cinnamon, and brown sugar until smooth.
  3. Spread the crescent roll dough out on a silicon mat or parchment paper and place that on a baking pan. Leaving three inches in the middle, make cuts down the side of the dough an inch apart on both sides.
  4. Spread the pumpkin mixture down the middle of the dough. Fold up the ends of the dough. Take a strip of dough from one side and fold it over the middle mixture. Then take a strip from the other side and fold it over the middle. Continue down the dough, alternating sides until it is completely folded over.
  5. Brush the egg whites over the braided crescent dough and then sprinkle with sugar. Bake for 20 minutes or until the dough is golden and firm. Allow to rest for 10 minutes. Sprinkle with powdered sugar, cut into strips and enjoy immediately.


This Pumpkin Cheesecake Braid is easy to throw together but sure to impress, and *totally* delicious!

*This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. Must be 18 or older to enter.  No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of P&G. The opinions and text are all mine.





  1. Natalia says

    The bathroom seems to be the messiest at my house. Everyone rushes in and out and leaves their stuff all over the counters and towel racks.

  2. Heather B says

    Definitely my kitchen. My kids loved to help but somehow it seem to all end in a food fight especially when baking cookies.

  3. Stephanie Phelps says

    My kitchen is always so messy. I clean it and with four boys 2 minutes later it is a mess again! I love this recipe I have to try it out!

  4. Deborah W. says

    My kitchen gets the messiest. Between myself, my dogs, the kids and my husband it is a zoo and looks like it most days. Can be embarrassing if friends and family drop by unexpectedly, ha. Life happens, right?!?

  5. shelly peterson says

    I would say the place that gets the messiest is the kitchen. The kids are messy eaters. They love to help cook but that can get mssy too.

    cshell090869 at aol dot com

  6. Barbara Bradford says

    We were lucky enough tp have our grand daughter and 2 great-grandsons move in with us. I had almost forgot how to remove stains. Pasta sauce stained shirts are my most common and messiest challenge. Especially since I don’t want to use any harsh chemicals on their clothing. Any advice would be so appreciated.

  7. Tim says

    Our kitchen gets the messiest in terms of how hard is is to clean up. Our kids have a playroom that is always a disaster, but that is just toys scattered all over the place.

  8. Amber says

    It’s a tie between the high chair ( I want to burn the filthy straps but it’s the only place baby C is contained!) And the toilet – yay potty training! On those gross notes, I’m on to make your pumpkin sugar cookies now…

  9. Keri justice says

    Ok first off this recipe looks amazing!!
    My toddler gets the messiest in my house. THAt kid can have a bath and within Ann hour You would never know it know it!

  10. James Robert says

    I am a single dad raising 5 kids so let me see first. I’d have to say our kitchen because I have kids that want to continuously eat.

  11. Janice R. says

    The kitchen is definitely the messiest place in my house. There is always someone in there doing something making some kind of mess.

  12. Brenda Haines says

    I’m going to go with my son’s room lol. I can have it spotless and in less than 5 minutes he can demolish it again.

  13. Melissa says

    The floor right under the kitchen table gets the messiest! I sometimes wish I had a dog to clean it up for me!

  14. Kimberly @ Berly's Kitchen says

    That pumpkin cheesecake braid looks so good! It would make a really nice addition to holiday parties. Braided breads look super fancy but they are simple to make. Will have to give this a try!

  15. Ashley Keinath says

    My kids are so messiest thing in my house LOL but with my littlest one starting foods oh boy is it a mess! And he brother helps with feeding her which I love but it’s followed up with bath time right after haha

  16. Kathy Persons says

    The entryway! Everyone just seems to throw everything there books bookbags coats shoes and whatever else they need to get rid of

  17. Julie Wood says

    The kitchen is the messiest! I am always cleaning it. Your Pumpkin Cheesecake braid looks so delicious. I want to make this for a Fall dessert. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Angela Hendricks says

    My living room always gets the messiest! My kids leave toys on the floor so it looks like a disaster in there.

  19. Laura S says

    Definitely the kitchen right now, I have been trying out a lot of new recipes and having a lot of fun, but it tends to get messy unfortunately.

  20. Leidy Ruiz says

    For some reason our family closet is the messiest, we converted one of the bedrooms into our closet/changing room so we won’t have clothes spread all over the place and the putting away laundry would be easier and it was not quite what I was expecting… At least we contain the mess in one room , thanks for the chance to win

  21. Danielle D says

    the entry way always gets the dirtiest, between the kids, dogs, and husband and all their muddy shoes and clothes!

  22. Jessica Naca says

    We have two fun messy problems in the house. The kids love to make a mess when they eat but that is because they love their food. We also love to do arts and crafts! I think we all know how messy that can get! Thanks for the post and recipe.

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