Skylanders Guess Who

You are already probably well aware of this, but I live with a little boy.

Things about this boy:

He’s five.

His favorite color is red.

He loves Skylanders.

Okay, that pretty much covers it.

You may remember that said little boy had a Skylanders Birthday Party at the beginning of December.  Well, after going SO SKYLANDERS for the birthday, I really couldn’t bring myself to get him anything Skylander for Christmas.

Santa and I had loooong conversations about it.  We hemmed, we hawed.  We sat by the fire sipping hot chocolate spiked with rum.  Santa’s might have ben 90% rum by the way he was carrying on about the Skylanders.  I blame Mrs. Claus.  Everyone knows she’s got a heavy hand when it comes to the pouring.


It was decided.  No Skylanders for Christmas.

And then in the 11th hour (no seriously, 11th hour, we are talking 10:30 pm on Christmas Eve), I decided to make Skylanders Guess Who.

(Graphic design work at 10:30 on Christmas Eve is a sure sign that you love your child.)

Gavin ended up loving it.  I mean, not 11th hour Christmas Eve gift makin’ loving it, but good enough.

Customized Guess Who has been on my crafting list for a loooong time.  And I’ve been collecting the old school Guess Who games for a while now.  (The new ones consist of one big sheet that slides in behind doors that open, rather than things you get to flip up and down, which is about a million times cooler.  But what Old School thing isn’t cooler than the new and improved version?)

I had thought about doing Family Guess Who with pictures of our family in the little slots, but honestly, think about how ugly that could get in some families!

“Is your person someone who could stand to lose a few?”

“Is your person someone who should not have been allowed at Christmas this year?”

“Is your person a horrible cook?”

“Is your person always complaining about everything?”

So now we just have really great questions like,

“Is your person of the Undead Element?”

“Is your person carrying a weapon . . . wait.  Would you consider a skull a weapon?”

Good times.

This would be great for any characters that your kids are obsessed with though.  Like all the main Disney Characters.  Or if there are a couple of movies that they really like, you could take the main characters from them.

So next time you go to Good Will, be on the look out!

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  1. says

    This was such hilarity to wake up to in my inbox this morning! I can totally picture you hashing it out with Santa! Not to mention this amazing game you made! What graphics program do you use for all of your creative awesomeness?!? Inquiring minds want to know 🙂

    • says

      I use the Silhouette software. It’s free to download, and you can print with it, even if you don’t have a Silhouette. It’s taken me a bit of time to get good with it, but there are SO MANY things you can do with it. And you can design so much! I actually used the software to design the title picture for the post. Love it!

  2. says

    What a wonderful mom! My oldest had a Plants vs Zombies themed birthday party where I made him Pea Shooter and Wallnut pinatas. It was a task, that’s for sure!

  3. amy says

    Hi! It says its free to download on google search, but there is no download link to the guess who cards!? Is there a link ?


  4. Melissa says

    Hi Lisa! Are you willing to share your sillhouette file for the guess who skylanders? I have the silhouette and love it. My son found your pin on Pinterest and asked if I could make it. He loved it and thought it was a great idea.

    Many thanks, Melissa

      • Rachele says

        I’m working up a skylander party for my boys and would love to make this game! I too have had a guess who makeover on the project list! Would youwau pretty please send me mea file too?:) Thank you soo very much! !!

      • April says

        Hello! Is there anyway you could share the file with me? My son is five and he would really love this for Christmas! We always make one homemade/repurposed/recycled gift for each person in our family and I think this would be perfect for him!

        My email is apgacruz gmail if that is something you are able to do.

        Thank you in advance!

        I’m sure your son is going to have very many fond memories of you!

        • says

          Hi April, I’m so sorry, I have had a lot of requests for this and it’s just not something I’ve done for anyone. Additionally, there are so many versions of Guess Who out there that I’m not sure my file would fit your needs. :/


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