Smores Bark

This Smores Bark is like a yummy, amazing inside out s’mores that you don’t even need a camp fire for!

This Smores Bark is like a yummy, amazing inside out s'mores that you don't even need a camp fire for!


I’ve been on a major bark kick lately.  Have you noticed?

First it was the Thin Mint Truffle Bark, because everyone loves a delicious cookie turned into a truffle, but no one likes to do the rolling and dipping part.

Then there was the Cookie Dough Bark because (I mean, let’s be honest, there really doesn’t need to be a reason for Cookie Dough Bark), I just wanted another delicious way to eat cookie dough.

This Smores Bark is like a yummy, amazing inside out s'mores that you don't even need a camp fire for!

And now I bring you . . .

S’mores Bark.

You guys.  This is insanely good.  Like addictively amazingly good. I thought it was pretty good when I pulled pieces of it out of the fridge to nibble on.

But then!

But then I photographed it.  And I sometimes leave stuff that isn’t going to spoil sitting out the way I’ve staged it so I can go through my photos and just make sure that I have some I like (or even better love).  Well, being UBER pregnant while photographing this, I looked through the pictures, liked them, and then didn’t bother getting back up because I knew it would take more energy than I really had.  So the bark was sitting out for like an hour and got nice and soft . . . . . OMG.

It was good out of the fridge.  It was freaking amazing soft.  I literally at every last piece of this.

And now I’m on a S’mores kick 🙂

This Smores Bark is like a yummy, amazing inside out s'mores that you don't even need a camp fire for!


S’mores Bark


  • 3 1/2 cups milk chocolate chips
  • 1/2 cup white chocolate chips
  • 1 cup marshmallow fluff
  • 3 sheets of graham crackers


  1. Melt 1 1/2 cups chocolate chips and spread the chocolate over a wax lined pan. Be careful not to make it too thin. (I used a 10 by 15 pan and didn't go all the way to the edge.) Place the first layer in the refrigerator for about a half hour.
  2. Melt the white chocolate chips in the microwave. Then pour in the marshmallow fluff and microwave for about 30 seconds. Quickly spread the marshmallow layer over the hardened first chocolate layer.
  3. Crumble the graham crackers and press them into the marshmallow layer. Refrigerate for 30 minutes.
  4. Melt 2 cups of chocolate chips and very gently spread it over the graham cracker layer. Put the bark in the freezer for about two hours. Take it out and break it apart.
  5. Keep refrigerated for good and more solid bark.
  6. Leave it out for slightly more delicious, but slightly more squishy bark.

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This Smores Bark is like a yummy, amazing inside out s'mores that you don't even need a camp fire for!


  1. says

    How do you dream up these amazing recipes?! This looks and sounds awesome. I would have eaten every last bite too. And I agree.. there really doesn’t need to be a reason for cookie bark. (Or smores bark for that matter). Give me all the barks! 🙂
    Kelley recently posted…Chipotle Chickpea SaladMy Profile

  2. says

    I love my bark squishy! 🙂
    This looks amazing. I don’t know anybody who would be able to resist eating it in one sitting!

  3. says

    Hi Lisa!

    These look delicious! I’d love to have you link these up with me and the Create & Share DIY and Recipe Party. I hope to see you there!


  4. Shannon Beaulieu says

    Sounds very yummy and my hubby has been wanting s’mores. I am gonna have to make them for him.

  5. LeeAnn Smith says


    I dont have marshmallow fluff, could I melt marshmallows instead and mix into the chocolate! Thank you…

    • says

      Hi LeeAnn! Since white chocolate is such a finicky little substance, I’m hesitant to tell you to go for it. Also, I don’t know that 1 cup marshmallow fluff is equal to 1 cup mini marshmallows, though they would certainly be easier to work with! If you give it a try, let me know!

  6. nicole says

    I can’t wait to try this I’m out of white chocolate chips are they a must? Could you recommend a substitute?

    • says

      Nicole, for this particular recipe, I really wouldn’t try making it with anything but the white chocolate chips, maybe almond bark, but I would have to test it to check the quantity.

  7. Lianne Brown says

    Hi, I see quite a few recipes needing Graham Crackers, would love to make Smores Bark,but still don’t know what a good substitute would be. Living in South Africa, we don’t see many of the ingredients required for recipes found on the net.
    Digestive biscuit maybe? How much would 3 sheet be, weight wise?

    Thank you for these delicious recipes.


  8. Marissa says

    Made these last night. Everyone thought it was over rich and may help to double the marshmallow fluff. I will try it again another day. Great idea!!!

  9. Jamie says

    By 3 sheets, you mean the connected sheets of graham crackers? Not breaking the dotted lines apart for 3 rectangles? Also, how much does this make. I have a large group that I want to make this for. Thank you!!!

    • says

      Hi Jamie! Yes, three sheets means to big rectangle unbroken pieces. This recipe makes about three cups once they are broken. It’s hard to say in pieces because obviously they can be broken into different sizes. I hope that helps!

  10. Wendy says

    I’m making these for my son’s birthday party and was hoping I could make them a little in advance. How long ahead of time do you think I could make these?

  11. Lisa says

    Have you made these with semi sweet or dark chocolate chips? I’m going to serve these at our cabin over the 4th:)


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