Sunrise Mimosa

Sunrise Mimosa | Made with raspberries and orange simple syrup, this mimosa is sinfully delicious!
Sunrise Mimosa | | Made with raspberries and orange simple syrup, this mimosa is sinfully delicious!

Dear Brunch,

Why do you have to only come on the weekends?

With your meals made of sugar, fruit, and deliciousness.

With your alcohol before noon.

Please come visit me more often!

Forever yours,


I made you some mimosas just in time for Easter brunch!

I didn’t measure though.  But it’s okay.  I took pictures for you.

Let’s start with a sweet champagne.

Add some raspberries to a champagne glass.  Four?

Mash up said raspberries.

Pour some orange infused simple syrup and champagne over the raspberries.

Now top with orange juice.

And woo brunch into your life on a daily basis.

Looking for another delicious cocktail?

Sunset Sangria



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    You got me at Mimosa! I would love to wake up to a tall flute of these and an ocean view…but since I can’t have the ocean view for now..I’ll take a sunrise mimosa. thanks for posting, came over from The Frugal Girls party and pinned it too!

  2. says

    Just found your blog…saw this drink posted somewhere and I’m here to stay! 😉 Seriously, I totally agree with you re: brunch more often. Why do we limit these events to Sat/Sun?

    Thanks for sharing!



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