Pineapple Mango Salsa

This Pineapple Mango Salsa is such a delicious combination of savory and sweet with a little kick too!It is only by a small miracle that I'm able to show you this amazing salsa in time for your holiday weekend. It was like the stars aligned and provided me with three short windows of time, … [Read more...]

Jalapeño Popper Pinwheels

Jalapeño Popper Pinwheels | An easy and addictive appetizer!  Thanks Pillsbury for inspiring these awesome appetizers at the Pillsbury Holidays Blogger Event!I'm pretty sure one of my favorite peppers to cook with is the jalapeño.  It's so yummy!  I've infused tequila with it to make an amazing … [Read more...]

Jalapeño Margaritas

Jalapeño Margaritas that are spicy, delicious, and refreshing all at once!I remember Gavin's first newborn check up like it was yesterday, even though it was five and a half years ago.  I remember his pediatrician giving us the "newborn" spiel.  She probably could do it half asleep, I'm sure … [Read more...]