S’mores Trail Mix

This S'mores Trail Mix comes together in a snap and is perfect for the endless kid snacking! I’m so excited to be partnering with Horizon to bring you this super easy well rounded snack!So I was talking recently with a friend about kid snacking, and she was complaining about how her … [Read more...]

Chocolate Covered Cherry S’mores Dip

This Chocolate Covered Cherry S'mores Dip is incredibly easy to throw together, but is knock your socks off delicious!Have I told you that the kids (well, at this point just Gavin, 7 1/2, and Quinn, almost 4) like to incorporate Elliot into the games they play?It started when I was … [Read more...]

S’mores Peanut Butter Cup Mini Pies

These S'mores Peanut Butter Cup Mini Pies are the deliciousness of a s'mores, smacked with a peanut butter cup, and stuffed inside a pie.  I dare you to only eat one!Please tell me I'm not the only parent that this happens to.So you're sitting there contemplating trading your child for a … [Read more...]