Strawberry Shortcake Sugar Cookie Cups

Strawberry Shortcake Sugar Cookie Cups | The amazing taste of strawberry shortcake in cute little cups! Can we talk about How I Met Your Mother for a minute? Or three hours?  Because that might be how long it takes for me to wrap my head around what the writers did to us. **If you haven't watched … [Read more...]

Robin Egg Magic Bars

Robin Egg Magic Bars | With the graham cracker crust and the sugar cookie middle you won't be able to eat just one!Guys. I made something craaaazy in my kitchen the other day!  My favorite bar that I've made thus far for Wine & Glue has been my Milky Way Magic Bars.  They are the kind of … [Read more...]

Rainbow Fruit Pizza

 Rainbow Fruit Pizza | This is so easy, but it is so yummy and pretty!I have GREAT news!  {Well . . . it's great news for me . . . for you, pretty much it changes nothing.} We have a name for this baby!! Before you ask, no I'm not sharing it on the blog yet.  I'll probably wait until after … [Read more...]