Easiest Scrapbook Ever

Literally the Easiest Scrapbook Ever, you HAVE to start doing this to record your funny family moments!  I’m so excited to be partnering with Fujifilm for this awesome easy idea! You HAVE to start doing this to record your funny family moments!
So I have baby books that I have started for each of the kids . . . and by started I mean that I filled out their names in the beginning.  Honestly, I’m not even 100% sure that Piper’s has her name in it. Then I started scrapbooks for the kids . . . . and by kids, I mean Gavin.  And by started, I mean that I got up to four months old . . . I have serious legitimate mom guilt about my inability to record memories of my kids in a tangible way that doesn’t also involve a recipe for chicken on a blog. Which is probably why I could not be more excited about partnering with Fujifilm on what is definitely the Easiest Scrapbook Ever. Step One! You HAVE to start doing this to record your funny family moments! Grab a Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 camera and some Instax Film on Amazon.com, at Best Buy, Urban Outfitters, Wal-Mart, fMichaels, Staples, Target, and JoAnns.  They are sleek, light, and easy to carry along anywhere you go. Step Two!  Snap pictures of your kids doing the funny and ridiculous things that they are doing anyway.  The Instax takes such great pictures so easily, even your kids can do it. Step Three! You HAVE to start doing this to record your funny family moments! Tape the pictures into a notebook and write down what was happening next to it! THAT’S IT!
You HAVE to start doing this to record your funny family moments!
My favorite part about it is that I don’t have to do it immediately.  I can snap the picture, capture the moment, and then later when I have time I can write down what the kids were doing.  It’s easy to tell why I took the picture from the picture.  And then easy to write it down.  I’m totally obsessed.  And so are my kids.
Literally the Easiest Scrapbook Ever, you HAVE to start doing this to record your funny family moments!
They love it and freak out every time I take an Instax picture of them. And because I’m so obsessed I’m planning on buying the Instax Share Printer so that anytime I don’t have my Instax Mini 70 with me I can take a picture with my phone and then wirelessly print the picture on Instax film! I am notorious for hoarding digital pictures and never printing them.  I love that now I actually have some pictures at my fingertips with all of the funny things my kids do right next to them.
You HAVE to start doing this to record your funny family moments!
Literally the Easiest Scrapbook Ever, you HAVE to start doing this to record your funny family moments!  This post was sponsored by Fujifilm. Opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links, if you click on them and then make a purchase, I make a small amount of money at no additional cost to you.  Thank you in advance for supporting Wine & Glue.



Tell us in a comment below what you do to make photos fun for a chance to WIN a $100 Visa gift card.

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  1. girlfromwva says

    i make photos fun by catching the kids just being themselves. i don’t make them pose or anything. i think that way it captures their personalities and quirks and silliness. love the Fujifilm INSTAX cameras!

  2. Debbie Hymel says

    ?yes this is definitely for me, I can never figure out how to attach pics to emails? yes I’m older! Debbie

  3. Julie Wood says

    We make photos fun by taking pictures of something we love doing. Pictures at the water park, lake, water skiing. Those are the best photos that are fun! I also have a nice scrapbook that I put my pictures in!

  4. Natalie says

    I make photos fun by having everyone participate in the photo taking! I will help my little niece take pictures of the family and other friends and family how to take cool pictures! I also like to create neat scrapbooks out of fun pictures!!!

  5. heather says

    My favorite fun moments to capture in photos are action photos when no one is looking at the camera. I love to take outdoor pictures of family, friends and pets at the beach or park.

  6. Rachel says

    I make photos fun by taking them when no one is expecting it. Then you capture people’s true expressions and actions.

  7. Lauren says

    We’ve used photos to send messages to family and friends on the other side of the country or world. Birthday wishes sent from Africa are always fun to receive!

  8. Jeffrey says

    I like taking photos of my kids on their birthday in the same spot and same pose every year. It’s fun to look back a flip through the bundle to see the changes that have occurred over time.

  9. Janice Cooper says

    I like to be creative and use funny photo frames, make calendars and put photos on coffee mugs as presents. One time I even made photo wrapping paper which everyone in my family enjoyed!

  10. Kristen says

    I just try to talk to the subjects and if possible make them laugh so they will feel at ease and have a natural looking smile 🙂

  11. says

    We like to make funny faces when we pose to make photo fun! They always turn out nice and lovely when we turn them into albums.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  12. Margaret Smith says

    We love to be silly when taking photo’s. I also love to scrapbook, have for years and I’ll create pages with saying or silly stickers or designs. Thanks so much.

  13. Gina M says

    I make photos fun by taking candid shots, so everything doesn’t look so formal and planned.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  14. Stephanie Phelps says

    I love to make it fun by having everyone get involved but passing the camera around and you never know what you will get.

  15. Henria O. says

    We let our children take the photos for us. They love being “in charge” of the camera.
    sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  16. says

    I love to take candid shots of my cats in action. I will do a photo blast, where my camera takes like 10 shots in quick succession, and then get the clearest shot. I then, depending on the shot, will turn it into a funny meme to share on Instagram.

  17. Kristi Price says

    I just LOVE this great idea, so simple but perfect! I want to start a journal for my 3 month old grandbaby Ava. Something she can read when she is grown filled with stories, pictures and all kinds of goodies so she can always have something to remember grandma by. I am so excited to do this and thank you both for the chance to win!

  18. Elizabeth pergande says

    I make photos fun by being happy with candid pictures. It makes it go faster. truckredford(at)Gmail(Dot)com

  19. Bert Ruiz says

    We make photos fun by letting the kids be the photographers. They might take 100 shots of the same thing or the pics might not come out as clear as you would expect but they have fun and we make memories together

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