The Giving Tree

A few weeks ago when I was doing some posting for Valentine’s Day, I stumbled across this:


And I became OBSESSED.  There was something about the image, especially the way it was created with patterned paper, that I loved.

I became so obsessed, in fact, that tried to work it into the planning of the 100 day party at Gavin’s school.  2,000 construction paper hearts and a stomach flu later, I was still obsessed.

To make this, I actually traced Gavin’s hand, scanned that image into my computer and then used the “trace” feature in the Silhouette software.

I love that it is his actual hand.

Then I added some hearts, cut, backed it all with patterned scrapbook paper, and there you have it.

I am extremely particular about what I hang on my walls.  It has to be (with the exception of these two awful pieces I got on clearance) something that has meaning to me.  Which ends up meaning that I have a lot of photos on my walls, which is nice, but it is also nice to mix it up a little.  (It’s actually something about myself that I wish I could change, if for no other reason, so my house could be a little more decorated.)  Anyway, this is perfect because it’s not a photo, it brings color to my family room, and it’s my little nut’s hand, so it has meaning.

I’m so happy with how it turned out.

And if, on the off chance, you are obsessed with it too, don’t worry!  I made one for you too.  Click here to check it out.


  1. says

    Noticing your pin is doing really well on our Pinterest Boards, just wanted to stop by this year and tell you how adorable I think this is. My girls are making it again this year to give to their grandparents and Daddy for Valentine’s Day. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful idea!
    Kim Vij @ The Educators’ Spin On It recently posted…Valentine’s Day Snacks for Kids to Make and Eat!My Profile

  2. Natalie says

    I’m going to be doing this for my daughter’s valentines day party at school (actually, the entire grade will be doing this!) …we’re going to be using cardstock for the hearts…does anyone have any suggestions on what type of glue or adhesive to use as well as what paper to use, i imagine the cardstock hearts would make it pretty top heavy?

  3. says

    This is great! I am either considering doing their for my daughters class room party for Valentines, or with her girl scout troop. I love your paper choice. Do you recall the names of the paper patterns or where you buy chance purchased the supplies?
    Thank you in advance!

    • says

      Hi Rachael! I don’t, but they were in one of those big books of 12 by 12 paper that you buy at Michaels. But I bought it in 2012 . . . I am actually thinking of doing these in my daughters K4 class too! But I was thinking of either painting this kids’ arms and hands brown and having them making a big print or just tracing their hands and letting them color it in.

  4. says

    What a clever keepsake of the little hand, something the little one won’t forget.

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