Top 10 Easter Recipes

These are the Top 10 Easter Recipes for you to save to make for years and years to come!These are the Top 10 Easter Recipes for you to save to make for years and years to come!


We can all be honest and say that Easter has the best candy, right?  I mean, no matter what you like, chocolate, sugar, whatever.  You’re covered.  And I LOVE. IT. ALL.  Cadbury Eggs, Peeps, the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Eggs.  Oh man.  They are all amazing.  But as a food blogger, that makes things a little tricky.  With all the Easter candy perfection out there, how do you come up with treats that even come close to competing?

Well, my friends and I have come together with the Top 10 Easter Recipes that are actually able to hold a flame to all that amazing Easter goodness that’s already out there.  Check out these recipes!  You will for sure want to save this list to make these recipes again and again.

10 Recipes Perfect for EasterCoconut Caramel Easter Egg Nests

10 Recipes Perfect for EasterPeanut Butter Easter Eggs

10 Recipes Perfect for EasterBacon Horseradish Deviled Eggs

10 Recipes Perfect for EasterOld Fashioned Carrot Cake

10 Recipes Perfect for EasterEasy Easter Cookies

10 Recipes Perfect for EasterEaster Lemon Pie Cups

10 Recipes Perfect for EasterSoft and Chewy Sugar Cookie Bars

10 Recipes Perfect for EasterHot Cross Buns

10 Recipes Perfect for EasterNatural Easter Egg Dye Recipes

10 Recipes Perfect for Easter Easter Egg Cookie Dough Truffles

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