Red and Pink Valentines Day Desserts

Red and Pink Valentines Day Desserts! |  More than 40 cheerfully pink and red Valentines Day desserts!Red and Pink Valentine's Day Desserts! | |More than 40 cheerfully pink and red Valentine's Day desserts!

Are you still looking for some last minute Valentine’s Day desserts?  Here is a list of more than 40 desserts that are super cute in all their pink and red glory!  Thank you to everyone who linked up this week at Wake Up Wednesdays and gave me so much cuteness to pick from!  Be sure to either pin the main image above or visit the blogs below and pin from their sites!  Thanks!

Strawberry Jam Crescent Rolls | Heather’s French Press1c547c6453a3c34c88604b981c9d73fe Strawberry Fudge | Robyn’s View1f7e49d5971c927c34285d3ee2fbc88b

Valentine Cookie Pops | Wine & Glueeasy_valentine_cookie_pops

Raspberry Cheesecake Smoothie | Lemon Tree Dwelling2e680d8404b9bdc21f904ff1aeec02ba Valentine’s Candy Bark | Life With The Crust Off3acee8d23dd7eb1385469e81cc661342 Birthday Cake Ice Cream | Wine & Glue4c84b880ccd0dc4a441c632cb6d1fa35 Mini Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecakes | The First Year Blog5cf5bfb82794c3f60c3796c9371bad26 Pink Velvet Cupcakes | Blahnik Baker5df57b2807d1b357cbf675bb73c4bc4a Red Velvet Bread Pudding | Wine & Glue9bc80285cb4d9efa442f330e2b86e759 Cherry Sangria | Wine & Glue21c1bff8679ffea9603ee5df47f5f75b Glazed Strawberry Cake Bites | Life With The Crust Off
32d2dca197f61b91da959d92722d59d0 Strawberry Heart Pie | Heather’s French Press051b6d4d26f4d7a04bd4513d4b58549f Chocolate Covered Cherry Dip | See Aimee Cook51c9e7683504fda5ac4ab627f5d3a18dLoveable Ombre Cake | Pint Sized Baker
69ef4925028335f1d45795952af6368e Chocolate Covered Cherry Monkey Bread | Wine & Glue70fa4978b55e9588d722764a5d9cc557 Valentine Rice Krispie Treats | Bitz N Giggles96c5b8b8201a94f9160192a1dc32b64d Peanut Butter Cookie Red Velvet Cookies | Gal On A Mission204ec5173e3d072483f98e5f56eeb878 Strawberry Sugar Cookie Cups | Julie’s Eats & Treats318b51fc24715e858f1c214366d82784 Cupid’s Love Potion | I Dig Pinterest412fe18df335a8aaa2fc5f08416737d4 Strawberry Cream Cheesecake | Creative and Delicious488ab37eb3066e619a55ce65e8ba5da1

Strawberry Rose Chocolate Verrines | Baking a Moment

506cae1f1b0a7be2dcae9f1a54ae6d9a The Best Red Velvet Cookies | Roxana’s Home Baking640c9224b06ae1047f398fea97989316 Red Velvet Whoopie Pies | Gal On a Mission0858e063a8df4f70a7b68c79af39c4e2 Red Velvet Cake Trifle | Julie’s Eats & Treats4831b51f39da4260943a27be384573dbJunior Mint Valentine’s Bark | Pint Sized Baker5582aa9964c6050e2e641c2c831e3caf Strawberry Cake Batter Milkshake | House of Yumm7487a605cae9b6836c5578da20f0e401 Strawberry Orange Ice Cream with Chocolate Chips | Joyful Healthy Eats27337fb498888d5fdc393ea8b7928b8f Conversation Heart Cheesecake Truffles | The Sweet Chick27664bf6cf84498783645c23537f3f80 Chocolate Raspberry Brownies | Wine & Glue3871239dcf9061a7afa48bd1d18dbfd5 Cherry Limeade Cupcakes | This Silly Girls Lifea1246e36b67b0b86bbd231a9751e9313 Nutella Stuffed Cupcakes | TitiCrafty by Camilaacdb9fd1204a945d1b3a8292a4c41468 Vanilla Cherry Ice Cream Float | Your Home Based Momae7530fce3e024f93d5b69d248ee46f7 Watermelon Smoothie | The Bitter Side of Sweetb1f51c9eb67a0048e4836ab7f93736a4 Chocolate Cherry Thumbprint Cookies | Julie’s Eats & Treatsc1d8926152c1672cd0b147ff6f501ed0 Berry Power Smoothie | Kitchen Meets Girlc05cd9a1fa7becb103016665f3110163 Light Cherry Cheesecake | Kitchen Meets Girlc66f737006ac96061b1fec4fd2838619Fudgey Chocolate Covered Cherry Cookies | Wine & Glueccd0019f51e2bf4fbe1f2b857f82a9bc Red Velvet Beet Cupcakes | Yummy Healthy Easycd82a0176de65fb6d1c70221fad69ca7 Strawberry Banana Phyllo Cups | This Gal Cookscdb6a6329200869fc4f19d68d1339366 Super Easy Strawberry Fudge | Dizzy Busy and Hungryd7a708dd99ab9a18f72801c8101c836e Strawberry 3 Musketeers Fudge | Inside BruCrew Lifed9f72a67ad8b6de02ed03594d2a658a0 Butterfingers Valentine’s Candy | Pint Sized Bakere56a16f8f59ef28d2bde6b719b56cfbd Raspberry Mango Smoothie | Wine & Glueff5a29f475cb6d07384e2e5140bf3b5f


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    I love all the different drink options instead of just doing the expected brownies, cupcakes, and cookies it’s cool to do a smoothie or a shake! Thank you for sharing.


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