Candy Coated S’mores

These Candy Coated S’mores are super easy and make for a fun twist and delicious twist on the classic! This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Wet Ones® Hand Wipes.  The opinions and texts are all mine. 


So . . . up until this week, my kids did. not. like. s’mores.  I am borderline embarrassed to admit this.  Like I some how am failing their childhood. Like I should have done a better job at convincing them of the magnificence of this amazing and perfect treat.

Well, the invention of these Candy Coated S’mores may have turned the tables.


Okay, to be clear, invention is a bit of a stretch.  There is no way that I’m the first person to put bites of candy onto s’mores.  But as they say, ignorance is bliss and google is a blogger’s worst enemy. #theydontsaythat

When I first thought of this, I was going to roll the toasted marshmallow in the bits of candy, but that totally didn’t work!  The toasted shell kept all the stickiness inside!  So no candy would stick to it!  So I quickly scratched that idea, and decided to smooosh the marshmallow onto the chocolate and then let the kiddos decide which candy to add.  The smooooshing released these stickiness and it worked perfectly!


Gavin picked Reese’s pieces


Quinn picked mini M&Ms


(By the way, I totally get it if this picture grosses you out, but I find it adorbs.)

I think I figured out why my kids don’t like s’mores . . . guys, it’s the stickiness!  They can totally handle dirt, sand, messy paint . . . but OMG. Something that is sticky and the sky is crashing.


So we broke out some Wet Ones® Hand Wipes that I bought at Walmart.  Do you guys have these?  We always keep a container of them in our cars, because without fail my kids grab the stickiest snack they can find as they walk out the door . . . with fruit leather being the most regular culprit.  And with us being on the go so much this summer, these aren’t just being used on days we have Candy Coated S’mores, but also when we are doing just about anything anywhere!  And I love that they don’t just wipe away the sticky dirty mess that my kids always like to bring to the party, but they also kill 99.9% of bacteria.  Lord knows we need it.


Also, you should know that that tower ^^ totally tipped over right after that picture was taken and I totally used the Wet Ones® right next to it to clean myself up after taking care of the disaster, lol!

So we may have convinced my kids that s’mores are the bees knees. #happinessrestored



Candy Coated S’mores


  • 6 graham cracker sheets
  • 3 full sized chocolate bars
  • 6 marshmallows
  • mini M&Ms
  • Reese's Pieces
  • toasted coconut
  • sprinkles
  • toffee pieces
  • Butterfinger pieces


  1. Toast the marshmallows, put them on the chocolate and graham cracker, top with the candy pieces of your choice and then the second graham cracker piece.

These Candy Coated S'mores are super easy and make for a fun twist and delicious twist on the classic! This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Wet Ones® hand wipes. The opinions and text are all mine.


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    Oh boy–these do look amazing and like any kids dream smores (I’m going to just not let my kids see this idea/pictures…or I have a feeling there will be lots of begging going on). Such a fun and easy idea!!

  2. says

    I totally understand about the s’mores aversion. My 8 year-old son is the same way. They also don’t eat PB sandwiches (my PB-loving heart hurts to share this) because with all the allergies at school, they can’t bring in peanuts, so they never got used to eating the PB. Childhood staple, gone.
    As for the stickiness, I just cannot. Those wipes are a must. Makes the sticky candy-coated s’mores a no-stress moment, just like it should be with kids, who tend to eat by smashing their whole faces into food!
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