No Sew Doll Diaper Kit {Free Pattern!} & Target Gift Card Giveaway!

A photo tutorial and FREE pattern for a No Sew Doll Diaper Kit, along with an up & up Diaper and Wipe review and Target GiftCard Giveaway!A photo tutorial and {FREE} pattern for a No Sew Doll Diaper Kit


We have a running joke/argument in our family about whose baby Piper is.  If Nathan or I say that she is “our baby,” the kids start yelling and vehemently arguing that she is THEIR baby too.  It’s really sweet, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Quinn, especially, loves all things Piper and has started yelling, “Miss!!!” whenever I bring her downstairs from a nap.  She wants to comfort her at the doctors office for shots, unswaddle her after naps, and help wash her during baths.  She is cray-cray for Piper.  It’s awesome.

Lately she has been wanting to diaper her dolls, also suspiciously named “Piper.”  So I thought that I would help foster this baby love and make her a doll diapering kit.  Since I know lots of people out there don’t own/don’t know how to use a sewing machine, I thought I would make this a “no sew” project.  But you certainly could trade your glue for thread and sew everything up.  Keep in mind that if you want this to be a faster project (i.e. you have a toddler clamoring for it at your ankles), use hot glue.  If the kids have gone to bed and you don’t want to risk the third degree burns, pour yourself a glass of wine and leisurely make this with some fabric glue . . . Get it?  Wine & Glue?

Step 1:  Download the FREE PATTERN HERE.

Step 2: Cut out the paper pattern and lay it over a single sheet of felt.  Cut it out with a rotary cutter.  You can use a scissors, but it’s a little trickier.  Save the scraps!!  (Please forgive my one long photo tutorial, just easier than tons and tons of pictures.)

A photo tutorial and FREE pattern for a No Sew Doll Diaper Kit

Step 3:  At the top of the small end of the cut out diaper, using some fabric glue, glue down a long strip of the soft side of some velcro.

Step 4:  Flip the diaper over and glue two small pieces of the rough end of velcro to the larger end of the diaper.  Annnd . . . DONE!

Well . . . what good is a diaper if you don’t have some wipes?

Step 1:  Cut out a piece of felt measuring 6 1/2 by 7 1/2 inches (full disclosure, you can use whatever size you want, this just the size scrap I had.)

Step 2:  Fold the felt in half the long way, with it not quite matching up (this is for the seam on the back).

A photo tutorial and FREE pattern for a No Sew Doll Diaper Kit

Step 3:  Cut an eye-hole in the middle.

Step 4:  Glue the seams as pictured.  Fold over the first side.  Add more glue as pictured.  Fold over the other side.  Place under a book and allow it to dry overnight . . . unless you use a hot glue gun or a sewing machine.

Step 5:  Use the scraps from the diaper to make small squares for the wipes.

Quinn absolutely LOVED her doll diapers.  She couldn’t wait to play with them, and after she got up from her nap she immediately wanted to play with them again.  Plus, because of the long piece of velcro on the front, they can fit several different sizes of dolls and stuffed animals!  So now, when I’m changing Piper, she can change her baby too!A photo tutorial and FREE pattern for a No Sew Doll Diaper Kit

When it comes to diapers for Piper, we love using up & up.  We have been using their diapers and wipes since Gavin was a baby.  They are so inexpensive, but they totally hold up to all that a baby can {cough} put a diaper through.

Target Up & Up Diapers & Wipes

Target has just revamped their up & up diapers.  They have a soft stretch waist and leg sides for a perfect fit (we seriously have way fewer blow outs with up & up).  And they are super absorbent making them work even overnight.  The up & up wipes are made with botanic fibers blended with cotton making them soft, absorbent, and durable.  And because the wipes don’t have alcohol, they are gentle and can be used on hands and faces . . . which in my house they are . . . all the time.

Target Up & Up Diapers & Wipes

Be sure to leave me a comment below telling me which up & up products you love, and enter for a chance to win one Target GiftCard! 

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  1. Lori Morton says

    We love the Up & Up Laundry products… We are an “Up & UP Brand” household!! Diapers, wipes (for Granbabies now) products, medicines (OTC) & vitamins, etc etc 🙂

  2. Laura J says

    Oh I love those doll diapers you made!!! I have to do that!! Neat! We really love the Up and Up diapers and wipes! I also use their baby wash! They all are wonderful!!!

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